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The Art of MELTING the Ice

Ditch traditional icebreakers and increase engagement, build trust and foster deep connections – without making people cringe.

$347 $247 USD

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Crickets to Connected

Turn your virtual workshop participants from passive observers to active contributors in 20 minutes.

$97 $47 USD

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Difficult Participants

Handle challenging participants with respect and confidence, so you can get things done in your meeting.

$97 USD

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Hybrid Moments

The secret of how to design a hybrid gathering without making participants feel forgotten and invisible.

$97 USD

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Virtual Facilitator Training

Turn your boring Zoom Meetings into engaging, inclusive, and meaningful learning experiences – without getting overwhelmed by the tech.

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Stay tuned for when the dates get announced for the next cohort in September 2024.

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The Art of Melting the Ice (Facilitation Skills Training)

Transform awkward icebreakers from a mere checklist item into a purposeful practice to build trust, increase engagement and deepen connections in your groups.

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Upcoming Dates
  • Toronto, Canada: Sep 18-19, 2024
  • Berlin, Germany: Winter 2024/25

Individual Consulting Sessions

Get my 1-on-1 support to design a meaningful online or offline session with highly engaged participants who share rave reviews with you afterward.

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Upgrade your Virtual Setup

When you deliver a talk, presentation, or workshop remotely, you want to make a professional impression. So, let’s work on upgrading your current setup together – without being overwhelmed.

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