Hybrid Moments Masterclass

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Learn the secret of how to design a hybrid gathering without making participants feel forgotten and invisible.


Learn the secret on how to design a hybrid gathering
without making participants feel forgotten and invisible

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Every Hybrid Gathering consists of 3 experiences


IN-PERSON (participants in the same room together)


ONLINE (participants calling in from a computer or mobile device)


HYBRID MOMENTS (when online and in-person participations connect with each other)

But most of the time you are planning an in-person gathering and last minute you find out: “Oh and we’ll have a few people zooming in that can’t make it”.

Or you’re planning something virtually and when you welcome your participants on Zoom, you realize that a few people are sharing a laptop.

Both scenarios happen because most organizations don’t realize how difficult it is to create an experience where EVERYONE feels included. With these “accidental hybrid meetings,” you are not given much time to prepare, there is no additional budget to hire a co-facilitator and worst of all: nobody has thought of the tech issues that can make a hybrid meeting fail easily.

So what if, instead of struggling to make it work

you design a truly engaging and inclusive experience instead?!

At the end of this Workshop you’ll know how to

Run a hybrid meeting that includes everyone

Avoid tech issues that ruin the experience

Know how to argue for increased budgets


Workshop Recording + Slides

Get immediate access to 8 digestible videos from two previously recorded live workshops and a PDF copy of the slides. Access on your own time on any device.

Hybrid Meetings Checklist and Etiquette (PDF)

Use this checklist before you plan your next hybrid gathering to set it up for success.

Hybrid Tech Shopping Guide (PDF)

In this guide, you’ll get recommendations for cameras, microphones, interactive whiteboards and more tech tools and app suggestions to make your next hybrid gathering a success.

Hybrid Room Setup Guide (PDF)

Review these different meeting room setups with their advantages and disadvantages before booking or designing a “hybrid-ready” meeting room.

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Jan Keck has been running public events and online experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories and turn strangers into friends.

His “Connection Cards” have been used on every continent around the globe and helped turn over 70,000 shallow conversations into deep connections.

Currently, he is rehearsing his first TEDx Talk on his systematic approach to moving beyond small talk. creating psychological safety for groups and allowing vulnerable conversations.

Last year, he ran over 18 workshops and trainings with over 700 trainers, facilitators, educators, team leaders learning the skills to create engaging, memorable, and transformative experiences on Zoom with 5-100 participants.

His work has been featured on


"Immensely informative and practical workshop, Jan, Thank you!"


"This workshop helped me realize the importance of thoughtful planning. Magical human moments don't happen magically!"


"I loved Jan's presentation style and took so much from our short time together!"


"This workshop was worth it, just to learn how you can change the waiting room intro and make it more welcoming for participants."


Get immediate access to this workshop where you’ll learn how to design a hybrid gathering without making participants feel forgotten and invisible, so you can start charging more for your services.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Workshop Recording + Slides
  • Hybrid Meetings Checklist and Etiquette (PDF)
  • Hybrid Tech Shopping Guide (PDF)
  • Hybrid Room Setup Guide (PDF)
  • Deep Connectors Community


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