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Let me help you recreate the magic of your in-person events online so you can continue to connect and engage your attendees.

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If you’ve had to suffer through a boring, uninspiring, unproductive Zoom call in the last few weeks, you might be skeptical about running your own virtual experiences. You might believe that it’s impossible to recreate moments of true human connection online, which was what I thought, too.

But then I ran a lot (and I mean A LOT) of social experiments online. From facilitating deep conversations with my Ask Deep Questions Connection Cards to hosting a Virtual Eye Gazing Experience and even attempting the World’s Largest Virtual Group Hug. And what I quickly realized, it is totally possible to leverage technology to bring people together.

It can be very challenging to make sure your attendees stay present (instead of replying to emails and surfing on social media in the background), and walk away with meaningful connections if you don’t know how to master the technology, create psychological safety, trust and intimacy at a distance.


  • Brainstorm ideas for short and engaging icebreaker games and activities that create connections
  • Create or improve your Event Flow to increase engagement and productivity
  • Set up your home studio to improve your video and audio quality
  • Confirm your settings for your Zoom meeting and train you on how to use the most important features (incl. Breakout Rooms)


  • You want to move your in-person meetings, workshops and experiences online and keep the magic of facilitating connections
  • You want to make your online events more fun, engaging and inclusive.
  • You already manage a remote team and want your online meetings to be more creative, collaborative and effective.


Jan Keck. What an ABSOLUTE legend.
If you need help figuring out how to engage people in online meetings and events — and make them actually *look forward* to attending them — you need this fellow!

MARSHA SHANDURStorytelling and Keynote Coach at Yes Yes Marsha, Toronto, ON

Working with Jan has been a game-changer. His deep expertise in online facilitation, plus his creative and curious mindset, helped us to revamp one of our most important workshops. Right away, we received fantastic feedback from the participants and the client, so the ROI was undoubtedly positive. Big fan and would recommend with my full heart!


Jan creates a warm, non-judgemental space for exploring concepts about community building. Drawing on his own expertise and experience in the field, he provided guidance that gently reminded me of the long but worthwhile process of moving from idea to success story. Jan goes beyond just ideating - he inspired me into taking immediate action!

KYLA SOKOLL-WARDInternational Speaker + Facilitator

Spending an hour with Jan in consultation is both fun and has valuable benefits. Fun because he shares his experiences, including ones that didn't work so I can progress. He can also see the big picture in the market, and asks compassionate questions to pinpoint where I need help.

Once he gets an idea of where stumbling blocks are, he comes up with sustainable solutions to overcome them. I can't wait to work on the tips and suggestions and see some results.

EVELYN CHAUPowerful Presence

Jan is the best at making your Zoom meetings fun.

LAURA PENAShe Is The Universe

I realized last night how much I've truly learned from Jan. From game ideas, to how to get all variety of people to engage in different ways, to little zoom tricks (renaming w/emojis, using chat, gallery view games, etc). I didn't realize just how much I've learned and can implement until I had a brainstorming meeting for my event! I was on fire! I was the zoom expert, which I had not anticipated being hahaha

COEN VAZQUEZBecome Purposeful

I truly appreciate my call with Jan. As I shared where I was at in life and work, and how I wish to expand, Jan was present and compassionate. I especially appreciated how he modelled vulnerability by sharing pertinent aspects of his own story. His skill in co-creating an uplifting and mutual space encouraged me to see beyond the present 'picture' of my personal and professional life. Our session provided me with a needed mindset shift and tangible action steps to create meaningful connections. Jan clearly has a mindset of generosity and expansiveness and I'd highly recommend working with him. He's the real deal!


Connecting with Jan was a sheer blessing! Here at Elle Rouge, we developed a concept which we felt excited about, however, executing virtual events was uncharted water for us.

Jan coached us and gave practical tools and resources to execute a stellar event. We actually felt like experts as we navigated the kick off event utilizing zoom features some of our guests had never seen or experienced before.

The utilization of his Ask Deep Questions Cards was the icing on the cake & everyone enjoyed the authentic connection it brought.

LYDIA SMITHElle Rouge Events

Jan was really helpful when it came to my virtual event. He knows the ins and outs of zoom really well, but more importantly, he knows how to create connections with people.

Working with Jan really gave me a good structure to follow, so my event would run smoothly and everyone would get the most out of it.


I was looking forward to running a workshop about using authenticity and confidence to make progress on goals, but I was also nervous about whether these workshops could translate well to the online environment. The topics we discuss in them are so sensitive and I was afraid of issues like: “What if someone has trouble connecting and I can’t help them because I am focused on running the activities? What if someone was having wifi issues so there was a big lag after when they said something super personal and they thought they were being judged for what they said? What if people were afraid to share because the person they were talking to had their video off?”

There were just a lot of unknowns and it felt high-stakes because people were being encouraged to share such vulnerable things!

I had already learned a lot from a workshop that Jan ran, so I already felt more comfortable with using Zoom, especially breakout rooms. I appreciated that Jan was really easy to talk to. He listened to understand the purpose of my workshops and seemed to really understand the motivation that underlies them — bringing people together to talk about their true experiences and make progress on what matters to them. We went over my presentation and addressed different parts — how to best adapt them to the screen.

I would absolutely recommend getting coached by Jan, for anyone who wants to feel confident in running workshops or otherwise bringing groups together online to foster community and make progress on shared or individual goals.

MASHA EVPAKBold Adulting