For Organizations

Bring your teams to life with bespoke training, inspiring team-building workshops, or an engaging conference experience designed to foster lasting connections.

Because your team deserves more than monotone monologues in “bored” rooms.

Facilitation Skills for Inclusive Leaders

Transform your meetings, workshops, and trainings to create engaging, inclusive experiences where every voice is heard. 

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Virtual Facilitator Training

Turn boring PowerPoints into engaging, inclusive, and meaningful learning experiences when they’re not in the same room- without getting overwhelmed by the tech.

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In-Person Workshops + Offsites

Invite me to work with your team to create a culture of authenticitytrust and belonging at your workplace.

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For Remote & Hybrid Teams

When they have good work relationships, employees feel more engaged, productive, and trusting of their management and colleagues. Invite me to create a memorable experience for your team on Zoom.

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Interactive Keynotes

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker about human connection or engaging learning experiences, you’re in the right place.

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Conference Connections

There are a few ways I can help make your events unforgettable. (Hint: it has to do with making sure your event attendees connect with each other.)

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Do you need support for your next Zoom Event? 👨‍💻

Create memorable experiences with your online workshops and events, and let my trained team of certified Zoom Producers focus on running everything behind the scenes, from creating breakout rooms to managing chat and everything else.

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Thank you for such an INCREDIBLE workshop! The team is still talking about it, and the final exercise was so important for everyone. Your workshop gave real insight to the humanity we all share and couldn't have imagined opening our retreat week any other way.

Venessa MuzzoDelphia

Jan is an incredible facilitator and makes it easy to get to know one another in a whole new way. The group at our retreat bonded on a much deeper level than I ever could have imagined and Jan had a huge part of that.

Alicia WoodCEO at Camp Fuel