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If you’re hosting any public events or meetings on Zoom you need to watch this video!

More and more links are being shared publicly online, so you could attract unwanted guests in your Zoom Meetings. You want to make sure you know how to, first, enable passwords and the waiting room, but more importantly, how to remove a participant quickly before they can cause trouble.

Thanks to my two volunteer Zoom animals!
I couldn’t have done this without your help ??‍♀️?


Online Course


Sometimes a Zoom meeting can turn into a human zoo.

In this self-guided online course, I will go over ALL of Zoom’s features, to help you host even more effective and engaging meetings, workshops and events.

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Jan Keck

Jan Keck

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fueling the movement for deeper human connection. His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline and HuffPost and he is currently building a community of facilitators that design the MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.