Individual Consulting Sessions ✨

Let me help you design a meaningful online or offline session with highly engaged participants who share rave reviews with you afterward.

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Upgrade your Virtual Setup  🎥

When you’re delivering a talk, presentation or facilitating a workshop remotely, you want to make sure to make a professional impression. So let’s work on upgrading your current setup together – without the overwhelm.

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Interactive Keynotes 🎤

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker about connection and engagement, you’re in the right place.

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Conference Connections 🔥

There are a few ways I can help make your events unforgettable (hint: it has to do with making sure your event attendees connect with each other).

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Zoom Tech Hosting 👨‍💻

Create memorable experiences with your online workshops and events, and let us focus on running everything behind the scenes from creating breakout rooms to managing chat and everything else.

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