Is it possible to recreate the magic of genuine human moments online?

You’re a facilitator, trainer or educator who used to run in-person learning experiences that created deep connections and transformations, but now you’re struggling to keep participants engaged online.

They are “zoomed out” and are unlikely to commit to another boring lecture.

The way we run workshops, trainings and events are changing rapidly. What worked at the beginning of the pandemic doesn’t work anymore. And with all in-person events and workshops being cancelled, you‘re now worried your business won’t survive without going online.

You know that to survive you will need to learn how to lead groups online, but …

  • you get a “tech headache” thinking about sharing your screen, responding to answers in the chat, creating breakout rooms, playing music, etc… All without losing focus of looking at the camera and facilitating your content.
  • you struggle to get your attendees to turn on their cameras, answer your questions and actively engage in activities?
  • you are feeling like you’re driving with a blindfold because you can’t “read the room”, read non-verbal cues and get immediate feedback on how your activities are landing.
  • you have a hard time convincing your customers and clients to even show up to your virtual events and are worried about your business.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this 5-week VIRTUAL FACILITATOR TRAINING, I will show you that it is possible to engage 5-100 participants on Zoom by creating genuine moments of human connection online.





If you want to REALLY "up your game" as a virtual facilitator, you NEED to take this training.

Seriously. Jan is absolutely amazing at what he does - structuring events where people feel welcomed and safe, inserting humor and laughter to put people at ease, creating activities that engage and inform, fostering real connection between ALL participants. He manages the tech and facilitates all of this seemlessly.

And he will show you HOW - break it down step by step, so YOU can lead amazing virtuals events, too. If you want to join the ranks as an industry leader in the area of virtual facilitation, take this training!

CHERI ANDERSONCuddle Connoisseur | Portland Cuddle Arts

If the pandemic hadn't forced me to change, I seriously doubt I would have ever tried virtual facilitation.

Now, I can't begin to list all the ways I've used the activities I've learned in my work. Seriously, I never left a live session, replay, office hours or bonus material viewing without feeling stimulated to think of how I can do new things/audiences/services I had never thought of before.

JEAN EELLSPresident of E Resources Group, LLC

Jan is a great teacher who makes the trainings fun, but also super useful. You'll get more comfortable with the tools of zoom and how to use them. You'll understand how to build intimacy by titrating vulnerability, and create a slow build that leads to deeper connection. The course is a wonderful combination of both tech support and training coupled with emotionally intelligent facilitation skills.

PAMELA ENZ, MAOL, SSCCTrainer and Coach | Casting Vision

Hey, I'm Jan

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, anxious and not sure how to navigate this “new virtual world”… I get it.

If you’re anything like me, then you know deep down, this is the work you were meant to do. You just need to figure out how to adapt.

For over 10 years, I have been designing and hosting experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories and turn strangers into friends. My ASK DEEP QUESTIONS “Connection Cards” have helped turn over 80,000 shallow conversations into deep connections around the globe.

I used to believe that technology was one of the biggest barriers to creating human connection, but then 2020 happened… and I needed to adapt.

I started to experiment and tried everything from eye gazing exercises to running team building sessions, solving escape rooms and even attempting the world’s largest virtual group hug which has led to so many lessons, insights and even a completely new global audience and clients.

Don’t regret taking this unique opportunity to upgrade your facilitation skills.

I’m here to show you that what you think is impossible is possible. I can show you how to leverage technology to create highly engaging and unique online experiences that help groups connect, collaborate and co-create.

Online events and virtual workshops are not going to go away after Covid-19, so let’s future-proof your business and continue to create transformations for your communities and build a new sustainable income stream with online workshops and events.

Jan Keck 

Connection Coach, Experience Designer & Facilitator

Imagine if you could...

  • Create breakout-rooms, launch polls, run whiteboard activities with confidence, never worrying whether or not it will work.
  • Make your online workshops and meetings even more engaging than in person by using some of my tried-and-tested activities.
  • Make even your largest events feel small and intimate so that participants walk away feeling transformed, inspired, and part of a community.
  • Create fresh experiences unlike anything anyone has had online before, so you stand out from your competition that is still running boring webinars.
  • Fill your online events and workshops easily and effortlessly, all because of the raving testimonials (and referrals!) you receive.
  • Spend more time for your family, friends and the things that matter to you because you can work location independently.

I would love to help you get there!

Together we’ll take you from feeling overwhelmed about technology to running highly memorable and impactful online experiences.



This Virtual Facilitator Training is a 5-week series of Live Workshops on Zoom. Once per week we will meet for a 90-minute, interactive workshop where you’ll learn new frameworks, techniques and skills to create highly engaging and memorable online experiences and additional resources and materials will be shared in an online community.

The workshops will run Tuesdays. And the Office Hours will be each following Wednesday. There also is a Bonus Kickoff Party and a Bonus Graduation Party.

Once you are signed up you’ll get a calendar invite with the details for all the dates.


Learn the foundation on how to make virtual workshops more fun, engaging, and meaningful so that participants walk away feeling transformed, inspired, and part of a community.


How to "read the room" through check-ins and make your participants feel safe and supported so they can effectively collaborate, innovate and solve problems and learn how to deal with challenging participants.


How to tap into Zoom's hidden features and settings to increase connection, collaboration and creativity, so you stand out from your competition.


How to weave opportunities for making genuine deep connections into the fabric of your workshop or event by mastering Zoom's Breakout Room feature.


How to beat "Zoom Fatigue" by creating a unique and memorable experience that creates connection and community.

In Total, this training includes

⏺ 5x weekly Live Workshops on Zoom where you'll learn how to structure and facilitate engaging virtual experiences
valued at $1,997
ℹ️ 5x weekly Group Coaching Sessions (Office Hours) where I will answer all the questions we didn't get to cover during the workshops.
valued at $997
? Self-guided "Zoom Tech" Online Course teaching you everything about Zoom's most important features when you're co-hosting a virtual event on Zoom.
valued at $997
? Additional materials to help you save time in creating your experiences, like Zoom Cheat Sheets, Workshop Flow Template, Event Marketing Checklist
valued at $197
? Exclusive access to the Deep Connectors Community where you can check-in with other facilitators, share additional resources and support each other between the sessions.
valued at $497
? Certificate of Completion that you can use to promote your skills on your website and LinkedIn
valued at $97
? BONUS: Video Production Crashcourse to help you set up a professionally looking home video studio
valued at $297
? BONUS: Connection Activity Database with descriptions of all the activities we’ll cover in the training (plug&play energizers, icebreakers, check-ins, debrief, closing, ...)
valued at $497
? Plus the Recordings of all Sessions, so you can watch them on your own time or review it afterwards
valued at $497
? If you sign up before January 25, 2021 you will also get a Virtual Facilitator Toolbox send to you with a deck of Ask Deep Questions cards and other facilitator tools and surprises
valued at $97

Do you want to get all that value for a fraction of the cost?


The most amazing virtual facilitators run online experiences like they’re driving a car.

They create breakout rooms, launching polls, run activities in the gallery view without thinking too much about it. It has become a habit, completely second nature, and they can simply focus on delivering their content and being present with their participants.

But when starting out, during their first “ride”, everything was overwhelming: signalling on time, checking the mirror, releasing the brake, slowly pressing down the accelerator…

It’s the same with facilitating on Zoom.

How do you become a great virtual facilitator is the same as becoming a great driver: It takes practice, practice, practice.

And that is exactly what we will do with a small group pf VIP FACILITATORS.

In addition to the 5 weeks, we will get together for 3x Practice Sessions (aka driving lessons) where each facilitator will run a 20-minute activity for the group and get immediate feedback and testimonials (yes, we’ll record the testimonials for each other, so you can use them immediately afterwards to market your workshop).

If that is the right fit for you, grab one of the 6 available spots below.

What do you get with THE VIP EXPERIENCE?

Everything from the Virtual Facilitator Training
valued at over $6,000
Participate in up to 3x 1.5-hour Practice Sessions where you get the opportunity to run 25 mins of your own activities and get instant feedback
valued at $1,997
Recordings and Testimonials that you can use immediately to market your event or workshop
valued at $197
BONUS: 2x 60-min 1-on-1 Consulting Calls with me on your Activities, Event Structure or Video and Zoom Setup
valued at $600
This is perfect for me!

This is limited to only 6 people to make sure to register right away



And I’ll get in touch when new training dates are announced.


I’ve been offering custom workshops for managers, facilitators and presenters at different companies and can create something that will address your needs.


Is this Training the right fit for me?

Right now, you might be thinking: “This sounds great, but I still don’t believe that it’s even possible to exactly replicate my workshops and experiences without participants being able to touch or be in the same room!”

I get it. I used to assume the exact same thing. But what I learned is that when you attempt to exactly recreate your in-person events, then you’re already losing.

Instead, it’s about reimagining what is possible that would not be possible before.

Here is who I designed this training for:

The Virtual Facilitator Training is for anyone who creates participatory learning experiences for groups. You understand the value of facilitating human connections and want to find a way to recreate the MAGIC of your in-person events online.

Facilitators & Trainers

Coaches & Consultants

Community Builders

Event & Experience Designers

You don’t wanna miss this if:

  • You want to move away from lectures and slideshows where participants are passive consumers and get participants actively engaged in your content.
  • You translating an in-person workshop, course or program into an online experience and don’t know how to make it have the same impact
  • Your work depends on facilitating human connection and you find it harder or impossible to do this online.
  • You want to increase your confidence as a virtual facilitator leading groups of 5-100 participants on Zoom.
  • You want to tap into a new global audience of clients and customers by facilitating remote workshops and experiences.

What my clients had to say

Jan's Masterclasses could be renamed "How to Make Your Virtual Engagements Epic"!
His expertise on hosting virtual events has made major impacts on my virtual training delivery. My audience engagement is at 100% based on all of Jan's "secrets"!

ANNIE FRISOLISpeaker | Trainer | Founder & CEO of Creating Community LLC

I attended one of Jan's online workshops recently and it was really incredible. Not only did I learn a lot of new online tools I am excited to test and practice myself, but it also was a great example of how those magical connections that we experience during in-person workshops can translate to the virtual world. As a self-proclaimed introvert, Jan's perspective on groups and online gatherings was really valuable. I highly recommend Jan's online workshops and hope to attend more myself! Danke!

ROMY ALEXANDRA SOLOMONExperiential Learning Trainer

Every little strategy that Jan teaches, I can go and apply immediately. I attend a lot of trainings and often it is just people lecturing you, modeling the way I don't want to teach, but you break everything down in little bite-sized chunks that help build community.

MICHELLE HOLDTArts Educator + Facilitator

I'm new-ish to online events and have to say that your seminar on creating magic online, was a profound one. I feel that I'm going to look back on it as a major catalyst on my journey. Thank you!

TATYANA TERZOPOULUSResearcher + Event Organizer

I was afraid I couldn't recreate the activities I've learned in the workshop, but Jan made me realize that there are so many different ways to engage my attendees. This helped me become more confident in hosting my own events.

ODILE BENIFLAHCommunity and Event Organizer, Duolingo

Fun!!! Engaging!!! I walked away sooo excited to keep creating meaningFULL experiences, connections, conversations. and you made it FUN!

CAROLA MARASHIPsychedelic Integration Therapist

I so appreciated all the various ways to ENGAGE. To keep my focus on the screen (it's so easy for me to wander off to my phone, the fridge, etc.) but when the zoom engages all of my senses, I stay present. Thank you so much for all the insights into how to keep people's attention. Super helpful, as ever!

ELEANOR O'BRIENArtistic Director + Event Organizer

Your workshop on creating the magic of in-person events online was probably my most MAGICAL online experience. I loved the balance of fun playfulness and deep meaningful connection.

JEN MEINCreative Engagement Consultant



Join my training and you’ll walk away with:

✔️ Online meetings that are exciting, inspiring and make you or your business stand out

✔️ Attendees that feel seen, heard and valued — and thank you with rave reviews and referrals

✔️ Confidence in your technical skills to use all Zoom has to offer

✔️ Effortlessly filling your workshops and experiences

✔️ Connect with a new global audience

Ready to take your VIRTUAL FACILITATION SKILLS to the next level?


What does my purchase include?

Your ticket includes five exclusive live workshops, five additional 1-hour-long Q&A sessions, access to a private digital community and a couple more bonuses. You can see the full list here.

What day and time are the sessions happening?

The workshops will run Tuesdays on Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 and March 2 at 3:15 – 5:00PM EST. And the Office Hours will be each following Wednesday between 3:30PM -4:30PM EST.

There also is a Bonus Kickoff Party on Feb 1 at 3:15 – 4:15PM EST and a Bonus Graduation Party on March 9 at 3:15 – 5:00PM EST. 

Once you are signed up you’ll get a calendar invite with the details for all the dates.

What do I need to participate?

All you need is a computer with an internet connection, webcam and microphone to participate. A tablet works as well, but a laptop or desktop computer is preferred for a better experience.

How will I access the content?

Once you register, you will receive emails with instructions on how to attend the live workshops (on Zoom), log in to the private digital community and access additional learning materials (on Mighty Networks, which has a great app for iPhone and Android to check-in on the go, from wherever you are).

What is the difference between the Training and The VIP Experience?

The VIP Experience includes everything from the Virtual Facilitator Training, plus 3x Practice Sessions for a select group of 6 facilitators that want realtime feedback and testimonials of their activities. You can find all the details here.

What if I can't attend the whole series, show up late or have to leave early? Can I still join?

I understand that sometimes life happens and you won’t be able to attend every single event. If you’re not able to join us live, you can watch the replay that will be available 24 hours after the live event for you to watch at your convenience.

If you need to leave an event early, all I ask is that you exit the online space respectfully. To ensure the best possible experience for all attendees, there will be a five minute grace period at the beginning of each event to allow everybody to get settled in.

What is the Refund Policy? Is there a Guarantee?

Your ticket itself is non-refundable. However, if you would like to transfer your ticket to someone else, please email my team at [email protected] and let us know at least 24 hours prior to the first event. If you have questions or concerns before joining, please reach out and schedule a call with me.

If you show up for all sessions and office hours and at the end of the training you still didn’t receive value or learn anything new, we will get on a call so you can share your feedback and concerns and I will give you your money back.

There are enough things to worry about and I don’t want this to be one of them.

Do you have discounts or scholarships available?

I am offering 5x pay-what-you-can spots, as it’s important to me that this training is accessible to anyone who wants to learn, no matter their financial situation. Preference will be given to anyone in the black, indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ2S+ and Trans communities. >>> APPLY HERE BY JANUARY 25, 2021

Do you also offer a custom training for companies and organizations?

I’ve been offering custom workshops for managers, facilitators and presenters at different companies and organizations and can create something that will address your needs.

There are also group discounts available for the Virtual Facilitator Training (not for The VIP Experience). If you want to attend with friends or colleagues, please contact my team at [email protected] for a group discount code or learn more about running a custom training for your organization.

Will you be offering this Training again?

Yes! I will be delivering this training 2-3 times in 2021.

To be the first to hear about the next cohort dates being announced, sign up for the waitlist here:

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