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Imagine you’ve been assigned a very complex task demanding every little bit of your skill and expertise. You’re given two choices as to where to work: your own home or a room full of complete strangers.

In which setting would you be more likely to succeed?

Watch my video to find out what most people say ?

I recently had an epiphany that I have been creating psychological safety for people all my life. Making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera or making event attendees feel comfortable engaging with strangers… it’s all about making people feel safe to be themselves.

When we enter a room, meet new people or record a video, we ask ourselves:

“Is it safe enough to be myself and still fit in?”

Once we address this question and make people feel included, accepted and valued, this is where the real magic happens and people connect on a deeper level.

Google’s quest to build the perfect team uncovered that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that develop largely through SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.


According to Google creating a psychologically safe culture is one of the essential skills leaders need to learn to build high-performing, high-trust teams.

? And that is why I am super excited to be launching my workshop series to build DEEPLY CONNECTED TEAMS.

If you work in an organization or are a team leaders, let’s chat how I can create psychological safety for your team.

Jan Keck

Jan Keck

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fueling the movement for deeper human connection. His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline and HuffPost and he is currently building a community of facilitators that design the MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.