Zoom Keepers Course

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Gain the technical confidence for when your Zoom Meeting turns into a human zoo.

Become a CERTIFIED Zoom Keeper or just enroll in the self-guided Online Course.

Zoom Keepers

/ˈzuːmˌkiː.pɚ/ · noun

Experienced Zoom Tech Hosts that stay calm and grounded when your meetings, workshops and events get overwhelming. When facilitating with large groups, sharing music, setting up Breakout Rooms on the fly it’s great to have a Zoom Keeper who can control all the tech in the background.

Become a Zoom Expert in an Afternoon

During this time, when organizations moved from in-person to virtual, the need for experienced Zoom Producers has never been greater. I believe that nobody should be hosting events and experiences by themselves, especially when you want to focus on hosting, emceeing and facilitating. 

If you want to become a sought-after Zoom Co-Host, that gets hired again and again, you will need the following skills:

Being open to learning and mastering new technology

Troubleshoot and solve problems on the fly

Bring lots of patience and be an amazing human to work with

The rest you can learn by taking this Zoom Keepers Online Course.



  • How to make the most of this course
  • Zoom Meetings vs Webinar
  • The Ultimate Participants Zoom Guide

Meeting Settings + Security Features

  • How to schedule a Meeting
  • Recommended Meeting Settings on the Zoom Website for your Account
  • Require Participants to Update Zoom before joining
  • Removing a Zoom Bomber
  • Waiting Room
  • Enabling Free Live Captions

Roles in a Meeting

  • Hosts vs Co-Hosts
  • Participant Panel Settings

Customizing the Video View

  • Gallery View vs Speaker View
  • Immersive View
  • Spotlight vs Pin
  • Hide Self-View
  • Hide Non-Video Participants

Engagement Tools

  • Reactions
  • Polls
  • Chat

Presenting on Zoom

  • Basic SLideshare Options
  • Whiteboard + Annotations
  • Sharing Music + Computer Audio
  • Presenter View Setup
  • Sharing Screen to  Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

  • Assigning and moving Participants
  • Breakout Room Settings
  • Let Participants Choose
  • Pre-Assigning Participants
  • Upload Breakout Room Names Hack

Video and Audio Quality

  • Look and Sound Better
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Video Filters

Recording Quality + Live Streaming

  • Best Recording Settings
  • Recording and Reviewing your Files
  • Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook

Zoom Apps

  • Zoom Apps Tutorial
  • Don’t Use Zoom Apps until you watch this
  • Easy Zoom Timers


Zoom Checklists

  • Zoom Meetings Cheat Sheet
  • Meeting Security Checklist
  • Breakout Room Settings Checklist

Deep Connectors Community

Get access to my exclusive, global community of facilitators, trainers and experience designers.

Stay on Top of Updates

New lessons will be added with new features coming out on a regular basis, plus you’ll get a chance to tune in on exclusive YouTube live streams.


At the end of the course, you have the option to get certified by completing a 45 min assessment with me (or one of my assistants) where you will be asked to navigate through a set of real-life scenarios like creating Breakout Rooms, renaming participants and removing a Zoom Bomber.

We will also run a speed test on your internet speed and check your setup and backup devices you have access to in case your internet goes down or you have a power outage.

In the end, you will get a score between 1-100 and you will need a minimum of 85 points to get a virtual certification badge and the possibility to be added to our website as a featured Zoom Tech Host.

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Experience Designer, Trainer, Facilitator

Jan Keck has been running public events and online experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories and turn strangers into friends. His “Connection Cards” have been used on every continent around the globe and helped turn over 70,000 shallow conversations into deep connections.

He has trained over 150 facilitators and selected organizations on how to create inclusive, engaging and memorable experiences online and he is currently building a community of facilitators that design the MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.

His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline and HuffPost.

His work has been featured on


  • Over 3 hours of self-guided Video Tutorials
  • New Videos for Zoom Updates
  • Zoom Cheat Sheets (downloadable PDFs)
  • Deep Connectors Community


If you’re not satisfied with the Zoom Keepers Online Course for whatever reason, you’re covered by our no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


Become a CERTIFIED Zoom Keeper or just enroll in the Online Course:

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