Zoom Keepers Certification

USD$ 350,00

Plus 19% VAT

You will need to successfully complete 14 of 16 tasks and scenarios that you will encounter when Zoom Tech Hosting to get a certification, a badge that you can add to your social media and website.

There is also an opportunity to be featured as recommended “Zoom Keeper” on my website and take on some of my client projects.



  • Gain Credibility: A certification is proof that you know what you are doing that will help create more trust with your clients
  • Increase Your Marketability: A certification like this can help you stand out in a crowded market, especially when you include your certification badge on your website and social media
  • Professional Development: In addition to taking the Zoom Keepers Online Course the certification will help you validate your knowledge and increase your confidence in running effective Zoom Meetings.
  • Earn more Money: I have seen people hiring Zoom assistants for as low as USD$25/hour, but the team of certified Zoom Tech Hosts generally charge between USD$90-$150/hour. A lot of clients are looking for someone to take on the responsibility of making the tech works smoothly in the background so they can focus on the content.
  • Opportunity to join my Zoom Co-Host Team: Currently, I am getting several requests through my website for projects that I am not available for. If you are interested I will list you as featured Zoom Tech Host on my website and refer client projects to you regularly.


You will need to successfully complete 14 of these 16 tasks which we will go through in exactly this order, so feel free to prepare as much as you need. All the answers are inside the Zoom Keepers Online Course, so you can always go back and look things up there.

The call will be 30-45 minutes and either be with Jan or one of his team members. There also is an option to submit a recording if timezones don’t align.

Assets you will need

  • A presentation file (Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF) to screen share
  • Music you can play (on Spotify, iTunes, etc)
  • A pre-recorded video file
  • A poll that is set up in the meeting settings (you will create the meeting for this exam and then send the invite to me)
  • If you have an additional device, join from 2 devices so we have more “participants” to work with (not required)

Meeting Setup

  1. Share your whole desktop, including Zoom window, so we can follow along with what you are doing
  2. Check that you’re Zoom Version up to date
  3. Make me a co-host
  4. Set these security and meeting settings:
    • Turn on Waiting Room
    • Allow participants to chat (with everyone and anyone directly), rename, start video
    • Don’t allow participants to share screen
    • Turn off the “join and leave sound” for each new participant
    • Mute Everyone and don’t allow to unmute
  5. Rename yourself and the co-host by adding an emoji to the front of their names (and explain to your participants how they can rename themselves)


  1. Share a presentation (Keynote, PPT, PDF) without showing your full desktop, turn on annotations (anonymous) and instruct participants to add a heart to your slide
  2. Spotlight two participants (or you and one participant)
    1. Use the Search Bar in the participant panel to find the participant
    2. Spotlight them and yourself
    3. Then switch back to the gallery view on your screen.
    4. And then instruct participants how they can switch back to Gallery View themselves.
  3. Set-up a poll before the event, launch poll, share results, verbally review the results with the participants
  4. Share a pre-recorded video on Zoom with good audio quality (share sound and optimize for video clip)
  5. BR #1: manually assign 2 people per Breakout Room
    • options: participants have to click to join the room, allow rejoin main room, timer set for 1 minute, a 15-second countdown
    • Give clear instructions for an activity and copy-paste instructions to the chat BEFORE you open the rooms
  6. BR #2: recreate rooms – automatically (randomly) assign 2 people per room
    • options: automatically move participants, allow rejoin main room, no timer set and a 60-second countdown
    • Leave the host in the main room
    • Before you open the rooms, someone dropped off in the last moment and a group is down to 1 person (move to other room)
  7. Play music from Computer after participants come back from the Breakout Room and fade out when everyone is there
  8. Help participants resolve the following tech issues and have 2 suggestions for each
    • “My microphone is not working”
    • “I cannot hear you”
    • “My camera is not working”
  9. Do a screen share tutorial where participants can see your Zoom buttons and show them where to find the “raise hand” feature
  10. Turn off chatting with other participants and only allow chatting with hosts and co-hosts
  11. Remove a Zoom Bomber and walk participants through every step ensuring them that you have the situation under control


  1. Make your payment for the ZOOM KEEPERS CERTIFICATION above.
  2. My team will be in touch to schedule a time for your certification assessment, where I will ask you to perform the set of tasks and scenarios. This will help me make sure that you can handle any client requests confidently. You can practise these tasks by yourself as much as you like before you book the assessment.
  3. You will be responsible to set up the Zoom Meeting on your own account and send us the details.
  4. During the assessment you will need to complete 14 of the 16 tasks to pass and get certified. There is an option to submit certain tasks as recorded videos after the assessment, if you do not pass right away.
  5. Once you pass we will send you a digital certificate and certification badge you can add to your website and social media.
  6. If you are interested in joining my Zoom Co-Host team, please fill out this application form before your assessment.
  7. If it’s a good fit, I will share a short agreement with you that outlines out relationship and states that for each project that is coming through me, you will send me a 25% commission fee.
  8. Usually, a project is 2-3 hours (but could also be a multi day event) and an average rate is $125 – $150 USD / hour which also includes planning calls and rehearsals. So as an example, per project you could be making $400 minus $60 commission.
  9. I will reach out to get all the necessary info to add you to our team website and invite you to the CERTIFIED ZOOM KEEPERS HUB (This is where you’ll find documents like project process flow, questions to ask on a client call, sample agreement, sample checklist for clients to fill out, guidance if pricing and what to charge, etc).
  10. Once a project comes in, I will decide who is the best fit (in terms of time zone, background and interests), check in if you’re available and if you are, you are scheduling a call with the client directly. You are responsible for all the communication, invoicing, agreements, etc.


I know, this might not be the right fit for everyone, so please get in touch if you are considering it and have any other questions.