Zoom Co-Host and Tech Support for Hire

Create memorable experiences with your online workshops and events and let me focus on running everything behind-the-scenes from creating breakout rooms, managing chat and everything else.


What if you could focus on your zone of genius: speaking, training, facilitating transformative and engaging online experiences without having to worry about solving tech issues, muting people with background noise, and setting up breakout rooms?

If you’re a speaker, facilitator, trainer or educator you might feel a little overwhelmed with having to take care of the tech AND the content of your remote meetings, webinars and online workshops. So why not consider hiring an experienced co-host with years of experience?



We'll be your Greeter

If you wanna make a good first impression, then let us manage your waiting room and make people feel welcome by sending them private messages (even if they're late)

We'll be your Switch-Board Operator

We can setup breakout rooms for you for pairs, small groups or even large groups that foster connections.

We'll be your DJ

We can play music as your attendees enter your event, host a "Guess the Movie Tune" activity or play your favourite tunes for a dance break.

We'll be your Chat Manager

We can reply to FAQ questions, share links and resources, post instructions for activities and breakout sessions and let you know if there are any Q&A questions.

We'll be your Bouncer

If you're worried about "Zoom Bombers" then we have you covered. We are going to make sure you are using all of Zoom's new security features and know how to remove a person that is causing trouble within a few seconds.

We'll be your Tech Support

If one of your attendees has problems connecting their camera, gets kicked off the call, we can chat with them 1-on-1 to help them get any tech problems fixed

We'll be your Co-Facilitator

If you need me to run games, activities or provide conversation starters that help your participants break down barriers and connect meaningfully, we've got your covered.


We are excited to be a part of your team for your workshop, event, or experience. We are all certified Zoom Keepers and will be in touch, based on availability and fit for our project.

Toronto, ON (EST) 🇨🇦


My superpower is turning strangers into friends and creating a sense of belonging.

Jan Keck is a community addict. He is the creator of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS, which started out as a deck of cards to help his friends connect on a camping trip and is now being used to facilitate meaningful conversations through sharing personal and vulnerable stories on every continent around the globe.

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fueling the movement for deeper human connection. His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline and HuffPost and he is currently building a community of facilitators that design the MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.

✔️ Virtual Facilitation Trainer
✔️ Video Production Professional (over 10 years)
✔️ High quality setup (DSLR Camera, Podcasting Mic)
✔️ Lightning-fast, incredibly reliable fibre internet connection (600 Mbps)

Portland, OR (PST) 🇺🇸


My superpower is creating safety and comfort for connection and intimacy to thrive.

Eleanor O'Brien in a longtime theater director, playwright and performer who discovered a passion for zoom facilitation during the pandemic. Empathetic customer service and warm engagement are the hallmarks of her style. Comfortable on or off camera, she uses her theater background to read the audience, respond with flexibility and humor, as well as multi-task both technical requirements and human needs.

✔️ Certified Virtual Facilitator
✔️ Certified Zoom Keeper
✔️ Ecamm Live Academy certified

Minneapolis, MN (CT) 🇺🇸


My Superpower is fostering connection and collaboration.

Jen brings a warm, call presence when hosting meaningful, impactful experiences that welcome people to show up fully to strengthen connections and leverage collective wisdom that fuels wiser action. She builds personal and organizational capacity to lead in engaging, participatory ways.
Stuttgart, BW (CET) 🇩🇪


My superpower is making boring online meetings truly experiential, engaging, connecting, and fun!

Romy Alexandra Solomon is an international Experiential Learning Trainer and Experience Designer. She has delivered more than 1,000 hours of experiential training to over 3,000 individuals in 20 countries across 4 continents. Romy has honed the art of designing, delivering, and running Zoom tech for organizations across the globe.

She is on a personal mission to combat #Zoomfatigue and boring online meetings by making them truly experiential, engaging, connecting, and fun! Romy is passionate about creating and implementing customized experiential workshops that empower individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs about what is possible in online meetings.

Romy's portfolio includes clients such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Red Cross, Brown University, Points of Light, Feedonomics, Americorps, the Peace Corps, and many more.

In 2016 Romy was awarded a Milli Award, recognized as a Millennial under 30 Changing the World.


Event Questionnaire

After producing hundreds of Zoom events we've put together a list of questions that will help you plan your event.

Planning Call

We will connect for 30-45 minutes ahead of your event to talk about the questionnaire, schedule and what you need help with the most.

Your Event

We will connect 15-30 minutes before your event to confirm your meeting settings and discuss any last-minute changes.

Jan did an amazing job each and every day, ensuring our 8-day leadership program had a polished look and feel to all of the technical and networking elements. He warmly welcomed our students daily, helped create a number of fun networking activities, and ensured all technical components (videos, word clouds, polls, breakout rooms) worked flawlessly.

Stuart SweeneyDirector of Education, AdvantAge Ontario

Jan was an absolutely rockstar sidekick and highly recommend you use him as a co-facilitator if you need one. He made things soooo much easier for me. Jan you’re hired indefinitely for me as long as your available!

Luis SerranoChief Fun Officer, FUNdamentals of Play

Jan masterfully navigated all the tech behind the scenes, and supported me as a facilitator. He allowed me to be fully present as a trainer. Since I did not have to set up breakout rooms and monitor the chat window, I was able to connect with my participants and share my expertise. Thanks to Jan’s professionalism, attention to detail and understanding of the online space, he put everyone at ease. It was a great experience and I’ve already hired him for my next training.

Tanja Sarett, M.A., CFRE, CVFGlobal Fundraising & Philanthropy Specialist, Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting


Zoom Producer / Cohost

We will be your co-host and will take care of creating breakout rooms, polls, manage the chat and help people with tech challenges, so you can focus on your presentation.

Starting at $150-175USD/hour
(min. 2 hours)


Virtual Facilitation

Jan will personally run different games and activities that will help your attendees feel seen, heard and break down barriers for connection.



Can we have a conversation before I hire you?

Most definitely! If you’re interested in working together, please fill out the short questionnaire above about your meeting, webinar, or event. And then someone from our team will reach out and get on a call to cover any open questions.

Can you help me do ____ ?

Whatever you’re thinking of doing in your Zoom Meeting, there is a good chance that one of us has already tried that. Get in touch and let’s chat.

What if I wanna learn how to do these things myself?

For my own larger workshops and events, even we always hire a co-host ourselves, because we know how hard it is to stay focused on connecting with our audience, delivering engaging content, and also responding to tech questions, setting up breakout rooms, and welcoming late attendees…

So having a second person to support you is often a great idea, especially if you’re not that tech-savvy.

But if you want to become a great, virtual facilitator you should know these skills so you can even apply them in smaller meetings and events. So I invite you to check out my Zoom Keepers Course and Certification of my 5-week Virtual Facilitator Training.