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90 minute virtual team building session on Zoom



Too many employees interact with their coworkers based on the people they THINK THEY ARE – Not the people they TRULY are.

They think their colleague comes into work tired on Thursdays because they were out partying the night before.

If they asked why, they might find out that every Wednesday night their co-worker has to drive 2 hours out of town to visit their dying mother in the hospital. If they knew this, they would move from seeing this person as selfish to selfless.

Your team members work next to each other every day, but do the REALLY know each other?

  • Employees who feel the need to hide parts of themselves at work struggle to build close bonds with their colleagues and nearly 40% of people report that they feel lonely.
  • Lonely people have a 50% increased risk of early death, compared to those with good social connections. Some studies even say the health risks are as serious as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

  • Lonelier workers report lower job satisfaction, fewer promotions, more frequent job switching, and a higher likelihood of quitting their current job in the next six months. 50% of employees that have to “hide” who they really are would jump ship and find a new company in a heartbeat.

  • Only 28% of employees are engaged at work. Staff disengagement cost $11 billion from turnover alone. If we include the costs from low productivity, then $11 billion looks like pocket change.


Well, they don’t work in a remote workplace anyway…

In this Virtual Team Social, we’ll invite your team to participate in fun, experiential group exercises by creating a save space where your employees feel safe to take small risks and connect in a meaningful way.

This is not about finding your best friend or soul mate at work (although that could happen), but using your ability to connect with real human beings during real life human encounters on a daily basis, while still maintaining your professionalism.

When your employees feel valued and connected at work, they are more motivated, provide each other with emotional support to get unstuck and make better decisions since team members feel safe to share information.

Google’s quest to build the perfect team uncovered that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that develop largely through SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.


At the end of this workshops, your organization will experience:

  • Increased trust between team members
  • Better communication
  • Increased well-being
  • A sense of connectedness and belonging


We love to work with organizations that:

  • … have a team that has a remote, hybrid, or distributed team all around the world. (even if it’s temporary)
  • … have a mission and want to make a bigger impact on people and the planet.
  • … wanna be the “it” company to work at and are invested in building a strong team culture.
  • … are onboarding a lot of new hires and growing fast.
  • … love the work of Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, Amy Edmundson and Kim Scott (and if you don’t follow them yet, I highly recommend to check out their work)


By signing up for this workshop you get access to:

Live Workshop on Zoom to facilitate deep connections between your team members
Optional recording of the workshop, so you can take screenshots and edit a highlight video from it.
With my Connection Guide for Team Leaders you'll get activity ideas on how to continue to facilitate connections in the first 10 minutes of your team meetings.


Jan Keck is a community builder, facilitator and experience designer.

Jan is also the creator of the ASK DEEP QUESTIONS “Connection Cards”, which started as a deck of cards to help his friends connect on a camping trip and are now being used to facilitate over 70,000 meaningful conversations through sharing personal stories on every continent around the globe.

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fuelling the movement for deeper human connection.

Now he is bringing his experiences and tools to organizations everywhere, so leaders can create a culture of authenticity, trust and belonging at work and he is building a community of facilitators that reimagine the MAGIC of in-person events online.




Why previous businesses and organizations loved this workshop

"Thank you for such an INCREDIBLE workshop! The team is still talking about it and the final exercise was so important for everyone. Your workshop gave real insight to the humanity we all share and couldn't have imagined opening our retreat week any other way."

Venessa MuzzoOperations Manager @ Delphia

"Jan is an incredible facilitator and makes it easy to get to know one another in a whole new way. The group at our retreat bonded on a much deeper level than I ever could have imagined and Jan had a huge part of that."

Alicia WoodCEO @ Camp Fuel

"Jan has a gift for making people feel instantly comfortable and at home. I have taken several workshops led by Jan, and his facilitation, tools, and personality all set the stage for incredible connections."

Cedar SchimkeWorkshop Attendee



What is it worth to build A CONNECTED AN ENGAGED A SOCIAL team?


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  • One 90-minute Session
  • Up to 24 participants

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  • 90 minute session / month
  • Up to 24 participants
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  • The workshop will be held on Zoom. Every participant will need access to a computer with internet connection (ideally, no tablets or phones), with a functioning microphone and camera.
  • Each participant should also have the Zoom app downloaded on their computer and signed up with a free or pro account (instead of joining as a guest)
  • We will send out a Zoom Guide for all participants ahead of time and encourage everyone to install the latest Zoom update to make sure we can use all the features.