Trivia Bundle (Animated Overlays for Ecamm, OBS Studio and more)

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“Wow!” your audience by adding these Animations to your Zoom Calls, LIVE streams, recorded videos, and Presentations.

What is included in the “TRIVIA BUNDLE”

11x Transparent Animations with Sound Effects

Each animation file is provided as 1920 x 1080 QuickTime MOV (Apple ProRes 4444) and WebM format with alpha transparency and sound effects baked in.
  1. ✅ Correct Ding
  2. ❌ Wrong Buzzer
  3. 👏 Applause
  4. 👏 Applause Sign
  5. ✋ High Five
  6. 📣 Megaphone
  7. 🥳 Party Face
  8. 🎉 Party Poppers
  9. 🥁 Drumroll
  10. 🏆 Trophy
  11. 🎊 Confetti

Detailed Video Tutorials for Ecamm Live, OBS Studio, Keynote and Powerpoint

Check out these video tutorials explaining how you can easily place the video files on top of your video in Ecamm Live, OBS Studio or even add them to your presentation slides in Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides and more.


You won’t be able to use these animations in StreamYard or Restream Studio since they don’t support videos with alpha transparency.

If you aren’t sure if these animations will work with your software, or you have an older/lower powered machine, please try these free samples first.