Remote Presenters Masterclass Course

USD$ 497,00

Plus 19% VAT


When you’re delivering a talk or presentation or facilitating a workshop remotely, you want to make sure to make a professional impression.

In this self-paced course, you’ll get lessons to help you set up and optimize the use of Ecamm Live, a Stream Deck and your general tech setup (including camera, microphone and screens).


Before enrolling in this course, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. You’re on a Mac (Ecamm Live is an Apple software)
  2. You’re on a newer computer, ideally with an M1 or M2 chip (Ecamm uses a lot of resources and might now work. If in doubt, download the free trial and test it out here.
  3. Ecamm Live is a subscription product; you’ll need to run the Pro version. Please familiarize yourself with the pricing here.

At the beginning of the year, Ied a 12-week mastermind to help people leverage Ecamm Live, Keynote and Stream Deck to make their online presentations stand out.

During that time, I created 6 modules with tutorials on setting this up step-by-step.

So why am I deleting this wealth of knowledge?

Two reasons:

1. With any software, there will be updates and changes in the interface, and I am not interested in keeping this course up to date. It is currently based on the existing releases of the software, but that might change a few months from now.

2. Although I love technology, I don’t believe teaching how to use specific apps will be where I focus my energy in the future. With the book I am writing, deeper topics inspire me, so I need to create space for that.

But it makes me feel kind of selfish to have this content collect dust in my vault rather than offering it to the people who could use it.

The mastermind was an investment of $1,500 USD (but the value was probably double that), and I am thinking of making this course available for $150 USD.


Let’s Get Started

  • My Virtual Facilitator Setup (behind-the-scenes)

Module 1: Monitors

  • Setting up an external monitor for the first time (step by step)
  • What goes on what Screen?
  • Organizing your Screens with “Virtual Desktops” on Mac
  • Move, zoom and arrange windows with one click

Module 2: Presentation Software

  • Share your Presentation in a Separate Window
  • Keynote Template
  • 7 Ways to Screen Share on Zoom

Module 3: Ecamm Live

  • Install Ecamm Live
  • Give Permissions to Ecamm in System Preferences
  • Organizing our Ecamm Live Windows
  • P.I.P. on Slides (how to put yourself in a circle)
  • Side Slides (How to add a square presentation next to you)
  • Screenshare Overlays
  • P.I.P. Direction (right or left?)
  • Timers in Ecamm
  • Using a Green Screen 101
  • Using a Green Screen Video as P.I.P.
  • How Layers and Overlays work in Ecamm
  • Camera Effects
  • Troubleshooting: How to avoid “Infinity Loops”
  • Answering Your Questions (F.A.Q)

Module 4: Zoom

  • Setup Ecamm Virtual Cam with Zoom
  • Ensure the Best Video Quality on Zoom
  • The Best Zoom Recording Settings

Module 5: NDI Scan Converter

  • Install NDI Scan Converter
  • Side Slides with NDI Scan Converter
  • P.I.P. on Slides with NDI Scan Converter

Module 6: Stream Deck

  • Download the Stream Deck Software
  • Update the Stream Deck software
  • Download Plugins for your Stream Deck
  • Adding Keynote, PowerPoint and Ecamm Scene Buttons
  • Importing my Zoom Profile
  • Grant these Permissions to Stream Deck in your System Settings
  • Create a Menu and add Navigation Buttons
  • Pasting Text Actions (and Multi Action Tutorial)
  • Playing Music with the Stream Deck
  • Playing Music on Zoom

Module 6: Home Video Studio

  • AUDIO – How to sound great
  • WEBCAM – How to look great
  • LIGHTING – Increase your production quality
  • BACKGROUND – Your virtual outfit

Bonus Module: Animated Overlays

  • Create custom Animated overlays with Keynote
  • Download my Trivia Bundle and the Cricket here 🦗