How to recreate the MAGIC of in-person events online

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Learn how to create moments of true, genuine, human connection at your online events, remote meetings and virtual experiences.


  • 2-hour Masterclass Video Recording
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)

I used to strongly believe that technology is a barrier to connection.

In the world we are living today we don’t have a choice anymore. We have to find ways to leverage technology to recreate these magical moments.

After using Zoom to run and participate in mastermind and coaching groups for the last 3 years I have experimented with a lot of different ideas that facilitate deep connections for my attendees.

And I am excited to share my lesson with you in this virtual workshop.


  • What makes an in-person event special and how are online events different
  • How to structure your event or meeting to avoid "zoom fatigue"
  • The essential elements you need to incorporate into your online experiences to build intimacy every single time
  • Ideas for engaging activities you can use in your next virtual meeting or event


Masterclass Recording

1.5-hour recording of the live masterclass workshop that you can watch on your own time on any device

Presentation Slides

You’ll get a download of all the presentation slides as a PDF


I'm new-ish to online events and have to say that your seminar on creating magic online, was a profound one. I feel that I'm going to look back on it as a major catalyst on my journey. Thank you!


Fun!!! Engaging!!! I walked away sooo excited to keep creating meaningFULL experiences, connections, conversations. and you made it FUN!

CarolaPsychedelic Integration Therapist

I so appreciated all the various ways to ENGAGE. To keep my focus on the screen (it's so easy for me to wander off to my phone, the fridge, etc.) but when the zoom engages all of my senses, I stay present. Thank you so much for all the insights into how to keep people's attention. Super helpful, as ever!

EleanorArtistic Director

Your workshop on creating the magic of in-person events online was probably my most MAGICAL online experience. I loved the balance of fun playfulness and deep meaningful connection.

JenCreative Engagement Consultant

I attended one of Jan's online workshops recently and it was really incredible. Not only did I learn a lot of new online tools I am excited to test and practice myself, but it also was a great example of how those magical connections that we experience during in-person workshops can translate to the virtual world. As a self-proclaimed introvert, Jan's perspective on groups and online gatherings was really valuable. I highly recommend Jan's online workshops and hope to attend more myself! Danke!

RomyExperiential Learning Trainer