Magical Human Moments on Zoom

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How to beat Zoom Fatigue and create a highly engaged Community on Zoom

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Do you want to create real, genuine moments of Human Connection on Zoom?

Most of us have had to reinvent how we run our in-person workshops and events and not only is it much harder to “read the room” and tell if your participants are engaged…

But if you’re like me in the beginning, you’re not even sure if it’s even possible to capture the “MAGIC” of the experiences you used to run in person.

I am talking about the MAGIC of REAL HUMAN CONNECTION.

After I’ve realized that it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to forget that we’re looking at a screen when we gather online, I’ve made it my mission to teach others my secrets.

Last year, I ran over 18 workshops and trainings with over 700 trainers, facilitators, educators, team leaders learning the skills to create engaging, memorable, and transformative experiences on Zoom with 5-100 participants.

In this mini masterclass I am sharing the 5 elements that make the biggest impact in:

  • Beating Zoom Fatigue
  • Making participants feel welcome and included
  • Getting everyone engaged to turn on their video
  • Having participants leaving transformed and on a high
  • Getting you raving testimonials and more inquires to facilitate

Here is what you’ll get in the masterclass:

Fun with Annotations

How to create an interactive check-in ritual that helps you "read the room" on Zoom

The Campfire Formula

How to make participants feel seen, heard and create a sense of belonging

Virtual Eye Gazing Experiment

Experience an activity that makes strangers fall in love... almost

This is perfect for anyone who leads groups online:

  • Facilitators and Trainers
  • Team Leaders
  • Consultants and Coaches
  • Event Organizers and Experience Designers
  • Teachers and Educators