ICEMELTERS – The Course (Join the Spark Squad)

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This is a self-paced course where you’ll learn how to gradually build engagement, connections and trust in your groups so they feel safe and supported to step outside their comfort zones.

Join the *SPARK SQUAD* today and help shape the content as I am creating it over the summer and fall of 2023

Deadline to enroll: September 15th, 2023

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I have had an idea brewing in my head, and I can’t let it go.

It’s got me SO excited, but it’s really “raw” right now (so please be gentle 🙏).

Here’s the backstory…

Since I committed to writing a book and sending out my weekly emails, and asking for feedback at the bottom of each idea, I’ve been getting messages from people who have reached out to ask:

  • “When are you running your virtual facilitator training again?”
  • And “Is there a way to go deeper with the content you’ve been sharing in your emails?”

So that got me thinking…

If you asked me a few years ago, I would have told you that I’ll never write a book because I didn’t believe that reading text on a page is the best way to learn something.

Seeing the fantastic comments from my subscribers, like when I shared my framework about micro-engagements this week, shows that my writing does have an impact.

By truly experiencing content, the impact could be so much more significant! 

And my vision has grown from

  • Making sure nobody feels ever left out again in a meeting, workshop or training.
  • To reframing how participants feel about icebreakers.
  • To creating “psychological bravery” where each group member feels safe and supported to step outside their comfort zone (speaking up with ideas, admitting mistakes, collaborating, having the courage to have challenging conversations).
  • To completely change how we melt the ice in groups, so they won’t even notice it’s happening.

Imagine what would be possible if that existed in every session you run

Jan, I love running workshops and creating memorable experiences (after all, that’s what the book is about), so it would be ironic if I didn’t also lead a training to teach the same content, right?

Introducing: The Icemelters Course

For the last few months, my mind has been spinning with so many ideas about what this could look like, and although I don’t have a lot of things decided yet, here is what I do know:

In the icemelters course, I will teach you how to gradually build engagementconnections and trust in your groups so they feel safe and supported to step outside their comfort zones.

After taking the course, I want you to

  • … feel confident to achieve the results your participants signed up for.
  • … get excellent testimonials, feedback and lots of repeat business.
  • … never make your groups sit through a silly, unintentional, cringe-y icebreaker ever again!

Here is what you’ll get with the course

  1. Self-paced learning with short videos: Access the lessons anywhere (doesn’t matter what timezone) and on your own time
  2. Printable Workbook: Print and review takeaways and cheatsheets to prepare your next training workshop or meeting in person or online
  3. Monthly live group coaching calls: Your chance to ask questions, experience activities, and connect with others facilitators.
  4. Private community: Continue to grow and learn with others, share advice and comments directly next to the lessons.
  5. Limited Access for 90 days: That way you’ll actually complete it because we’ve all signed up for online courses and never finished it, right? So if you complete the content within the 90 days, you’ll keep access afterwards.

Who is this for

This workshop is designed for empathetic leaders and changemakers who guide groups and nurture team spirit.

If you are a facilitatorinstructoreducatorconsultant, group coachexperience designerteam leader, or manager, this course is for you!

It’s beneficial for those early in their careers or wondering why their icebreakers aren’t hitting the mark.

So, Jan, do you want your group to feel genuinely connectedengaged, and ready to tackle anything together?

If you’re nodding yes, let’s embark on this journey together 


When I offered my Virtual Facilitator Training the last time, people joined between $1250 – $1950 USD, so I knew that with this course, as it’s primarily self-guided content, I want to offer something way more affordable.

👉 You can join us today for a one-time payment of USD $349

I am committed to building a diverse community in my workshops and trainings, and I want to make this training more accessibleinviting and inclusive for participants from all backgrounds. It’s important to me that this training is available to anyone who wants to learn, no matter their financial situation.

I am offering 5x Pay-what-you-can scholarships that you can now apply for here until July 25th, 2023.

Preference will be given to anyone in the Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ+, Trans and other marginalized communities.

The Spark Squad 🎆

I am very excited about getting this content out to a much larger audience, but currently, this idea is very rough around the edges. And I know I can’t do this alone, and there are many things we still need to work out.

But the vision is there.

And that’s why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you, Jan!

I want you to be part of this… especially if you’re willing to help me shape this course and turn it into the best training on this topic out there!

In exchange for joining now (before the course is being built), you’re invited into the exclusive *Spark Squad*, where in addition to the course you’ll get:

  1. Live sessions and workshops (fall and winter 2023): Join interactive live sessions instead of watching recordings, experience the activities as a participant, and get a chance to even lead an activity (which is the best form of learning)
  2. Lifetime access: Instead of 90 days you won’t lose access to any of the content
  3. Signed Book: Get a signed book with a personal note from me as one of the first people in the world
  4. Virtual Facilitation Guidebook: This is a 60-page summary of all the tips, strategies, and templates from my Virtual Facilitator Training – which is not available anywhere else.
  5. Only 50 spots: For sparkies I have set up a private community – where you can share feedback, get early access to lessons and videos, and help me shape and co-create the content.

Join the *Spark Squad* and get Early Access Today

I know this is not the right fit for everyone

The way I see it, you have 3 choices:

  • Keep avoiding icebreakers, icemelters and connection activities altogether, jump straight into the content and miss out on the results and magic it could create with your groups.
  • Continue testing out what works and what doesn’t. If you feel confident in your abilities to facilitate groups – that’s a great choice and I am sure you’ll do great! Just promise me you’ll join me in making “ice melting” less cringe and awkward.
  • Or join my *Spark Squad* and learn how to create the perfect activity every time, how to introduce it so nobody feels excluded and is making the results of your workshop, training or meeting more successful.

The great news is that at this moment, you get to choose which path you’ll continue. And if it’s the 3rd option, I’d love to have you join me today!