The Art of MELTING the Ice

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The problem with BREAKING the ice 🧊🔨

As the person leading a group, you understand the importance of starting group sessions on the right note.

But let’s face it – the bare mention of “icebreakers” often triggers a wave of discomfort rather than excitement within participants.

The traditional approach to ‘breaking the ice’ often leads to forced interactions, a lack of deep connections, and an overall sense of awkwardness that undermines the session’s goals.

Just think of it:

The very visual of “breaking the ice” evokes images of forceful, jarring actions, resonating with discomfort and potential pain. 😬

Don’t skip the warm-up ⏭️🙅‍♂️

Saying: “Let’s not waste any time and jump right into the agenda!” is not the solution either.

Sessions that jump straight into content without any form of warm-up activities often overlook the essential need for participants to connect to the environment, the content and each other and this can lead to:

Lack of Group Cohesion

Without initial activities that foster a sense of community, sessions may suffer from a lack of unity and trust among participants. This can result in a disconnected and less collaborative atmosphere.

Reduced Engagement and Participation

By bypassing warm-up activities, participants might not be mentally prepared or motivated to fully engage, leading to passive involvement and a decrease in overall session participation and energy.

Misalignment with Group Dynamics

Skipping the opportunity to gauge the group’s dynamics at the outset can cause a disconnect between the session’s content and the participants’ needs and interests, leading to less effective and less relevant sessions.

Luckily, there is another way to increase engagement, build trust and deepen connections in your groups!

👇 👇 👇

Let’s Move Beyond Icebreakers 🔥

Instead of breaking the ice, let’s focus on ‘MELTING’ it, similar to building a campfire 🔥

This gentle, gradual process allows for a natural thawing of barriers, fostering a warm, welcoming environment that encourages participation and connection.

Transforming the energy of a group session from awkward to engaging hinges on one crucial skill: mastering the ‘Art of MELTING the ice’. This skill goes far beyond just choosing the right activities; it’s about cultivating an environment where every participant feels valued, engaged, and ready to contribute from the very start.

In this course, you will discover tangible and practical strategies to initiate group interactions, minimize awkwardness, and promote an open environment. As a result, the next time you conduct a workshop, training, or meeting, instead of encountering sighs and eye rolls, you will witness curiosity and genuine interest.

The energy in the room will transform from apprehension to active engagement.

What Others Are Saying

“Thank you for building my confidence by giving me the tools to succeed. I just delivered a training and got the following comment:

‘This is one of the best training sessions I’ve ever attended in my long career. Way to go! Thank you!!!’

Thanks, Jan, for helping me achieve this!”

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Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I’m Jan 👋

I’m a recovering shy guy, a people-loving introvert and a deep connector who is passionate about transforming group interactions. Like you, I’ve seen my fair share of cringe-worthy icebreakers that leave participants feeling disengaged and disconnected.

Throughout my career, I’ve come to realize that there is much more to increasing engagement, trust, and connection in groups than simply choosing a random activity to begin your session.

Masterful facilitators recognize that melting the ice requires intentional design, patience, and a commitment to nurturing group engagement over time.

For the last year, I’ve been putting my lessons into my first book, “Icemelters,” and sending weekly emails with key insights to a growing community of nearly 1000 facilitators, trainers, and educators.

And now, fueled by the positive response and the success of our initial cohort, I am excited about running the course again.


Join me to master the art of meaningful group engagement

  • Shift the paradigm by redefining icebreakers and craft sessions where ice melts naturally and unnoticed.
  • Create a space where no one feels left out, especially the quiet, shy, and introverted folks.
  • Nurture an environment of psychological bravery, empowering each member to share ideas, collaborate, and engage openly

Join our community of forward-thinking facilitators.

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What You Will Get

The vision for this course is to create a meaningful, self-guided experience with a live component when it’s completed in mid-2024. Here is what you’ll get access to then:

  1. Self-paced learning with short videos: Access the lessons anywhere (it doesn’t matter what timezone) and on your own time
  2. Printable Workbook: Print and review takeaways and cheatsheets to prepare your next training workshop or meeting in person or online
  3. Live group coaching calls: Your chance to ask questions, experience activities, and connect with other facilitators.
  4. Private community: Continue to grow and learn with others, share advice and comments directly next to the lessons.
  5. Limited Access for 90 days: That way, you’ll actually complete it because we’ve all signed up for online courses and never finished them, right? So if you complete the content within 90 days, you’ll keep access afterwards.

For joining now, you’ll also get these *Spark Squad* Bonuses

I am very excited about getting this content out to a much larger audience, but it’s not fully there yet. I ran a very successful first cohort with 33 epic trainers, facilitators and educators who helped me get this course off the ground, and now I am looking for the next group to help me make this THE BEST COURSE POSSIBLE.

And that’s why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you!


4x Live Training Sessions: Join interactive live sessions instead of watching recordings and experience the activities as a participant.


Office Hours Session: This is one hour specifically dedicated to answering all of your open questions.


Icemelters Bingo: To assist you in applying the strategies you are learning, I’ll provide a weekly challenge for you to participate in. By completing this challenge, you will have the opportunity to win prizes worth up to $1,000.


Lifetime access: Instead of 90 days, you won’t lose access to any of the content of the self-guided course or the recordings of the live sessions.


Virtual Facilitation Guidebook: This is a 60-page summary of all the tips, strategies, and templates from my Virtual Facilitator Training – which is not available anywhere else.


From Crickets to Connected Mini-Course: Have you ever asked a question and then just get … crickets ??? Learn how to engage your participants even if they suffer from Zoom Fatigue, get close to 100% of attendees to turn ON their video (without begging) and blow up your chat with “OMG!”, “This was epic!” and other raving testimonials in this Mini Course.


Private Community: For "sparkies", I have set up a private community – where you can share feedback, get early access to lessons and videos, and help me shape and co-create the content.
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Your Investment

When I offered my Virtual Facilitator Training the last time, people joined between $1250 – $1950 USD, so I knew that with this course, I wanted to offer something way more affordable.

👉 You can join us today for USD $597

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Frequently asked questions

👥 Who is this course ideal for?

This workshop is designed for empathetic leaders and changemakers who guide groups and nurture team spirit.

If you are a facilitatorinstructoreducatorconsultantgroup coachexperience designerteam leader, or manager, this course is for you!

It’s beneficial for those early in their careers or wondering why their icebreakers aren’t hitting the mark.

So, Jan, do you want your group to feel genuinely connectedengaged, and ready to tackle anything together?

If you’re nodding yes, let’s embark on this journey together.

🙅‍♂️ Who is this NOT for?

Folks who want to just sign up for the recorded videos. If you’re not able to join the live sessions and are interested in sharing feedback to make this course the best in the world, then I prefer you wait until the self-guided course comes out.

🗓️ When are the dates and times / timezones for the live sessions?

To ensure that people from different time zones will be able to join the live sessions, I am offering each session twice at different times. You can choose one or the other – or attend both 🙂

The next live cohort will start on February 5th, 2024, and continue for 7 weeks.

To make this more accessible for people in different time zones, I will be offering again 2x cohorts.

The session will include a Kickoff Session, 4x Training Sessions, 1x Office Hours Session and a Graduation Session that are all recorded and made available in our community.

🎥 Are all sessions recorded?

Yes. All of the sessions will be recorded and if you miss any of them you can access the recording in our community.

💬 What if I have questions in between the live sessions?

We have a private group in my Deep Connectors Community (hosted on Mighty Networks) where you can ask questions and comment on each other’s posts. And I am also active in there, making sure to support you with our challenges.

💻 When will the self-guided course be available?

I don’t have a specific launch date in mind yet, but after the live cohort is done I will take the lessons and learnings to improve the course outline and take the darker winter months to record the shorter video lessons. So currently I am aiming for February 2024.

📼 How do I access the live sessions, recordings and self-paced videos?

All of the lessons and conversations will be hosted on Mighty Networks inside my Deep Connectors Community which you can access via your browser or their mobile app. All the live sessions will be held on Zoom.

🔐 Do you have a guarantee / offer refunds?

I offer a full refund until 7 days before the first training starts. After that, there are no refunds or transfers offered.

💳 What is the cost?

When I offered my Virtual Facilitator Training the last time, people joined between $1250 – $1950 USD, so I knew that with this course, as it’s primarily self-guided content, I want to offer something way more affordable.

This means you can join us today for a one-time payment of USD $597.

🧾 Will I get a tax invoice for my purchase?

Yes. Once you check out with your credit card you will be sent an invoice for your payment via email automatically.

👐 Are there any scholarships available?

I am committed to building a diverse community in my workshops and trainings, and I want to make this training more accessible, inviting and inclusive for participants from all backgrounds. It’s important to me that this training is available to anyone who wants to learn, no matter their financial situation.

Preference will be given to anyone in the Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ+, Trans and other marginalized communities.

Apply here

🤔 I am not ready to join this time, how else can I learn from you?

If you’re not ready to join the course this time, I highly recommend subscribing to my weekly email about creating engagement, trust and connection in groups (and hold me accountable to finish writing my book about icemelters):

And then, check out my From Crickets to Connected Mini-Course: Learn how to engage your participants even if they suffer from Zoom Fatigue, get close to 100% of attendees to turn ON their video (without begging) and blow up your chat with “OMG!”, “This was epic!” and other raving testimonials in this Mini Course.

🙋‍♀️ What if I have another question?

Submit them here to get a personalized video reply within a day or reply to this email

🙌 I'm in! How do I sign up?

Do you want your group to feel genuinely connected, engaged, and ready to tackle anything together? Perfect!

Let’s embark on this journey together, Timo!

  1. Check out on this page and then add your billing details
  2. You’ll receive a welcome email with your invitation to our community
  3. There, you will also find how to access bonuses
  4. And I’ll make sure to reach out and welcome you officially to the Spark Squad 🙌🎉

Still undecided?

The way I see it, you have 3 choices:

  • Keep avoiding icebreakers, icemelters and connection activities altogether, jump straight into the content and miss out on the results and magic it could create with your groups.
  • Continue testing out what works and what doesn’t. If you feel confident in your abilities to facilitate groups – that’s a great choice, and I am sure you’ll do great! Just promise me you’ll join me in making “ice melting” less cringe and awkward.
  • Or join my *Spark Squad* and learn how to create the perfect activity every time, how to introduce it so nobody feels excluded and how to make the results of your workshop, training or meeting more successful.

The great news is that at this moment, you get to choose which path you’ll continue. And if it’s the 3rd option, I’d love to have you join me today!

Ready to say goodbye to ineffective icebreakers and hello to sessions filled with genuine connection and engagement? Join “The Art of Melting the Ice” today and start your journey towards becoming a facilitator who makes every session count.

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