Ice Melters

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Say Goodbye to tired, old Ice Breakers.

Say Hello to fresh and original Ice “Melters” that engage everyone (even introverts)

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Warm up your your participants with these unique activities
that spark deep connections in less than 10 minutes.

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There are 3 different kinds of people when it comes to icebreakers:

You just want to hide, be invisible, storm out of the room...
You get super excited because you can’t wait to go first...
You let out a huge sigh, and think: “Let’s just get it over with”...

I am going to assume, just because of the fact that you are here on this page,
that you might be one of the rare humans that loves a good icebreaker.

The foundational idea of using icebreakers is great

Facilitating a fun activity at the start of a session that gets everyone to loosened up and makes the rest of the meeting or event run smoother is a great idea. It can break down barriers, create “psychological safety” and increase collaboration.

But often – they backfire…

  • When someone mentions icebreakers everyone cringes
  • They often rushed and very uncomfortable for introverts
  • Instead of engaging participants, they turn their cameras off

I mean, the act of “breaking” the ice is jarring and and it often makes a lot of participants uncomfortable.

So what if, instead of “breaking” the ice,
we take the more careful approach and “melt” the ice instead?!

Think of building a campfire that helps warm up participants, builds trust and leads to deep connections.

At the end of this Workshop you’ll know how to

Engage everyone (even introverts)

Build trust and connections quickly

Turn strangers into friends

And yes, all of this works for groups that are complete strangers and without bribes or fancy apps – just using Zoom.


2x 2-hour Workshop Recordings

Get a recording of the live session, which you can watch on your own time on any device.

Ice Melters Activity Guide

PDF Guide with written instructions of the activities from the session (plus bonus games), including copy-paste instructions and reminders to paste into Zoom.

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Jan Keck has been running public events and online experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories and turn strangers into friends.

His “Connection Cards” have been used on every continent around the globe and helped turn over 70,000 shallow conversations into deep connections.

Last year, he ran over 18 workshops and trainings with over 700 trainers, facilitators, educators, team leaders learning the skills to create engaging, memorable, and transformative experiences on Zoom with 5-100 participants.

A month ago, he relocated from Canada to Germany to be closer to family and is building a community of trainers, facilitators and creators that create MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.

His work has been featured on


Jan's expertise on hosting virtual events has made major impacts on my virtual training delivery.

My audience engagement is 100% based on all of Jan's secrets.

ANNIE FRISOLICEO, Speaker, Trainer

Jan has the heart of a mentor and the knowledge of Zoom Jedi warrior.

He really cares about his participants and shows you how to create life-giving online experiences. If you want to gain confidence and competence as a facilitator, follow Jan

STEVE GARCIALife & Leadership Coach | Get Your Business Done Coaching | Denver CO

I'm new-ish to online events and have to say that your seminar on creating magic online, was a profound one.

I feel that I'm going to look back on it as a major catalyst on my journey. Thank you!

TATYANA TERZOPOULUSResearcher + Event Organizer

Sign up for this Mini Workshop and you’ll learn my best “Ice Melter Activities” (“warm ups”, “get-to-know-you games” or “connection activities”), that you can easily copy and use in the first 10 minutes of your next virtual team meeting, membership social or cohort kickoff session.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 2x 2-hour Workshop Recordings
  • BONUS PDF Guide
  • Deep Connectors Community