How to recreate the magic of in-person events online (April 30, 2020)

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Learn how to create moments of true, genuine, human connection at your online events, remote meetings and virtual experiences.

APRIL 30, 2020 – 3PM – 5PM EST

I used to strongly believe that technology is a barrier for connection.

In the world we are living today we don’t have a choice anymore. We have to find ways to leverage technology to recreate these magical moments.

After using Zoom to run and participate in mastermind and coaching groups for the last 3 years I have experimented with a lot of different ideas that facilitate deep connections for my attendees.

And I am excited to share my lesson with you in this virtual workshop.

What you’ll learn in this workshop

  1. What makes an in-person event special and how are online events different
  2. How to structure your event or meeting to avoid “zoom fatigue”
  3. The 8 elements you need to incorporate into your online experiences to build intimacy every single time
  4. Ideas for engaging activities you can use in your next virtual meeting or event

Plus there will be a Q&A available at the end.

What you’ll need

The workshop will be hosted on, so make sure you have the app downloaded on your computer, tablet or phone. For the best experience I highly recommend using a laptop or desktop, so you can see the details larger on the shared screen.

  1. Computer with an internet connection
  2. Webcam
  3. Microphone

This workshop will be very interactive where instead of telling you about the 8 elements, we will actually engage with each other. So please be prepared to have your video on and connect with others in breakout rooms.

PS: This session will be recorded and share with everyone who registered afterwards.