Intro to Ecamm Live for Facilitators, Trainers & Speakers

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Learn how to host a more engaging event, with a simple method for easily switching between your slides and yourself, so you can connect more with your audience.

? Wednesday • August 18th 2021 • 1:00 – 3:00PM EST

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If you want to level up your presentation and facilitation game on Zoom, you need to become a MASTER at Ecamm Live

This is a hands-on workshop where you will be building your Ecamm scenes alongside me and other participants, so by the end you have a few scenes you can use right away for your next presentation, talk or workshop.

What previous Participants shared

Here are the scenes we will build together:

Add your Video on top of your Slides

Stop being stuck in the top right corner and create a “picture-in-picture” and add your video into a circle, square or rectangle anywhere on your presentation.

Share your Slides on the side

If you have very little text on your slides, create a scene like this, where you are taking up more space, which is great to keep connection with your audience.

Share your Desktop without the Clutter

When you want to share your browser or documents on your screen you want to avoid showing your whole desktop, app icons and files. With this scene it will look super clean and you can even add your brand colours or backgrounds.

Add timers to your Video easily

Want to keep track of how long someone is speaking, show a countdown for an exercise or create urgency with a deadline. All of that I’ll show you in this workshop.

Add your Name, Website or Logo

When speaking virtually anywhere, you can easily add your name, organization, website or even logos and images directly on your video.

Add your video into any Image

This is a great way to engage your audience and show something new and different. Put yourself into a laptop, on a TV screen or inside a Zoom window.

Here is what you’ll get by registering for the workshop:


This is not a 120-minute video tutorial that you could watch on YouTube. I have broken down the content into 6 interactive exercises to help you build the scenes above in REAL TIME. So when you leave the workshop you are ready to give your next presentation, talk or workshop.


Leading up to the workshop I will share a folder with you that has all the files needed for this workshop, so you can follow along. Or use your own presentations, logos and text.


After the workshop I will send you 2x video recordings where you can pause and watch the exact steps again. All of the recording will be showing "demo mode" in Ecamm Live, so you can see exactly what buttons I clicked.

Who is this for?

  • Professional speakers that want to stand out from their competition when giving talks from their home office
  • Facilitators, trainers and educators that want to change up the way they teach on Zoom
  • Anyone who is live-streaming video content and wants to know how to learn the basics of the Ecamm software

IMPORTANT!! What do you need to participate?

  1. I definitely recommend joining from a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection as I will be sharing my screen with lots of little details. It will be hard to see on a tablet or phone.
  2. To fully participate you need the “Pro Version” of Ecamm Live or download the free 14-day trial here.
  3. Ecamm Live is a Mac-only software that takes a lot of resources so you will need a rather new model Macbook, Mac Mini or iMac to take advantage of the features.
  4. A functioning webcam and microphone, because this session will also be highly interactive.

Are there subsidized tickets?

I am committed to building and investing in a stronger more connected community for EVERYONE. It’s important to me that this workshop is accessible to anyone who wants to learn, no matter their financial situation. Preference will be given to anyone in the black, indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ2S+, and Trans communities. If this applies to you, please get in touch here.

Will this be recorded?

Yes, this workshop will be recorded and shared with anyone who has registered. It will also be made available for sale on my website afterward.

Any other questions?

If you need anything else to fully participate in this workshop, please reach out ahead of time so I can accommodate that.