Deeply Connected Teams – Virtual Workshop

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Learn why psychological safety and trust are the #1 reason for high performing teams and learn specific tips on how to implement this with your team.

Learn the 3 Essential Skills Leaders need to create psychological safety, connections and trust in their team.

Google’s quest to build the perfect team uncovered that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that develop largely through SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.

When your employees feel valued and connected at work, they are more motivated, provide each other with emotional support to get unstuck and make better decisions since team members feel safe to share information.

In this 1-hour virtual workshop (+30 minute Q&A), you’ll learn : 3 essential skills every leader needs to create a high-trust, high-performance team culture, and explore:

– What is “Psychological Safety” and why does Google think it is the foundation of high-performing teams?
– The 3 essential leadership skills to build trust with your team quickly
– Learn 3x team building activities that you can use with your team to strengthen social connections (even in virtual meetings)

I’ll also send you my “Connection Guide for Team Leaders” (PDF) with activities that foster connections at team meetings in 10 minutes or less.

This session is essential for anybody who leads a team:

– People Leaders
– Managers
– Team Leaders
– HR Professionals
– Professional Facilitators
– Learning & Development Specialists

This virtual workshop is more than just a Webinar!

It will be facilitated through a Zoom Video Conference and is highly interactive. Please make sure you are able to join with video and audio to participate in group discussions and exercises.



Tuesday, March 24th
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

@Zoom Video Conference
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