Beyond Small Talk – Masterclass

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Learn how to deeply connect with acquaintances, your next date, your family or your colleagues.

Small Talk is not evil, but it can be painful if you get stuck in it for too long!

It is the foundation for authentic relationships down the road and if you don’t have a strategy on how to move from meaningless to meaningful conversations you might miss out on connecting with amazing people.

What you’ll learn

  1. How to change your mindset to be less anxious about starting conversations with strangers
  2. How to answer the dreaded “so what do you do?” question and turn it into an opportunity to deeply connect with anyone.
  3. What are better questions to ask that allow the other person to feel seen and heard

Plus you’ll get a copy of my SMALL TALK CHEATSHEET with questions to ask that will get you to meaningful conversations.

This is a replay of a live 90-minute masterclass.