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Get a Mystery Package delivered to your door at the start of 2022 that will help you create deeper connections and hopefully make you smile.

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Get Your Custom Mystery Package

Join my crazy experiment and get a mystery package delivered to your door with random items that facilitate deep connections.

4 years ago I launched the first deck of Ask Deep Questions cards and invited my community to connect deeply with each other in Toronto.

A year after that I launched my Kickstarter campaign and we were able to raise the funds within 48 hours to get the first production run of my Connection Cards professionally done.

Since then the cards have been sold about 2,600 times and used an every continent in the world to improve relationships.

Now, that my time in North America is almost up, I want to leave one more GIFT that will hopefully keep some of my mission alive and help you feel less alone and more connected. Basically, it’s a “Going Away Present “for you.

So when I was thinking about what I want to leave behind, I came up with a crazy idea…

What if I sent out packages with “stuff” I don’t want to take to germany with me?

I started making a list:

  • Prototypes of my Ask Deep Questions cards (even including some of the questions that never made it into the deck)
  • Branded T-Shirts and sweaters that I ordered, but never turned into a product for sale
  • My last stash of “I’m on a Small Talk Detox” buttons that I gave away at conferences
  • Other event supplies from hosting in-person events in Toronto

And then, I started to think about all the other items I still have in our apartment, that will either be donated to Value Village, sold on Facebook Marketplace or thrown out completely.

What if I even added things like:

  • Books that I’ve read and have my notes in them, but I can’t sell anymore (by the way, stay tuned for a video where I share the 10-15 books I am taking with me from my whole collection)
  • Zoom and other company swag that was sent to me in the last year and I’ve never used (mugs, pens, …)
  • Other conversation started card decks that I bought during research
  • And I’ll probably find even more things…

So if you wanna be part of this experiment, pick a package and enter your shipping address.

The truth is, I have no idea if this is gonna work or completely flop. Maybe I’ll send out one package – maybe I’ll have to close orders early because of the demand…

Are you curious enough to see what will happen? Keep reading…

If you want to be a part of this experiment, here is how it works:

1. Select a package from the options on this page

I chose to offer 2x packages to make it easier for you to choose one that fits your budget. The larger the package, the more things will be inside. All packages include shipping to Canada or the US.

2. I'll ask you some questions

I really want to customize what I add to your package, so on the Thank-You page will be a short survey that will help me pick the perfect surprise for you (or if it's a gift, answer the questions for the lucky person who is getting the package).

3. I am shipping out all orders after Dec 20, 2021

When the cart closes (or all packages are sold out) I will spend a day or two putting all of the items together, packaging them and sending them off to you. This means you will most likely receive them around New Year's Eve.


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