Start with Curious Questions to warm up and connect.

Brave Questions

Get ready to share deeper experiences and insights

Vulnerable Questions

Share something you might not have ever shared with anyone

The cards have helped change the way I interact with my friends and family to ways I’ve always wanted. Although there are moments of discomfort it becomes a practise of authenticity for all of us.


These questions are things I want to talk about with my friends, but sometimes it feels uncomfortable asking them. The cards feel like a safe starting point to lead to deeper conversations.


I put my cards in my car cup holder and my fiance found them. I didn’t even realize how perfect of a place this is for these cards. Her and I will single handedly have even MORE legit road trips.





THE ORIGINAL DECK comes with 48 thoughtful questions that go below the surface to create meaningful connections with anyone.


Troubleshooting Tips

How do I draw a new card?

Simply click (or tap on mobile) on the card to load a new, random question.

The questions don’t load when I click a card

You need to have JavaScript enabled on your browser for this experience. Most browsers have this installed and there is no specific action for you to take.

If you’re having issues with the questions loading, click here to check how to enable Java Script.

As an alternative, try using a different browser or device.



1. Connect with your friends, family members or date on a video call.


2. Invite everyone to load up this page on a computer or phone and choose who goes first.


3. If you're the first person, scroll to the “Curious Question” and tap or click the deck to draw the first question. If you don't like your question you can click again to draw a new one. We do recommend to take a breathe before you reload.


4. Share your answer to the question or whatever memory it brings up for you. The others are encouraged to ask follow up questions or simply listen deeply.


5. Each person shares the answer to the own question (or you could also answer the same for everyone)


7. Don't forget to acknowledge each other for being vulnerable and enjoy the deep connections that are forming.


6. When you’re ready to go deeper, choose a “Brave Question” and maybe even a “Vulnerable Question” card.

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