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“The moment before a lobster grows, he feels the most uncomfortable.” ?

Lobsters are soft, mushy animals that live in a hard shell that doesn’t expand. As the lobster grows that shell becomes very confining and he will feel under pressure.

You could say he is the most uncomfortable right before he casts off his shell and then is left vulnerable without any protection.

This is necessary for him to grow and over time the shell grows back larger and stronger.

Dr. Abraham Twerski tells this story in his lectures and jokes that if lobsters had doctors, they would never grow: “As soon as the lobster feels uncomfortable, he goes to the doctor, gets a pain killer and feels fine. He will never cast off his shell.”

I remembered this story this morning as I was going through the reasons why people have joined my Find YOUR People Online Course in the last week and I realized what they all had in common:

♻️ Someone changed careers (and moved to a new city)
♻️ Someone changed their religion
♻️ Someone lost their parent
♻️ More than one person ended a long term relationship or got a divorce

They all had undergone a BIG LIFE TRANSITION and growth that probably felt as uncomfortable as the lobster shedding his shell!

And what happened next?

 It felt uncomfortable, even painful
 They felt vulnerable and sometimes wanted to hide under a rock
 Then they experienced tremendous personal growth

When this happens. we sometimes can’t seem to connect with our “old friends” anymore. They maybe kept going to the doctor and have never experienced that uncomfortable feeling of “growing”.

This happened to me when I first started improving myself, learning how to uncover limiting beliefs, feel my emotions, set intentions for my life and I don’t know what I would have done without the NEW people that I found during that time. My old friends just weren’t ready for this yet.

Have you gone through a big life transition, too?

I would love to know in the comments below ?

If you realize that you do not have this support system to get you through uncomfortable moments in your life, and want to learn how to create more meaningful friendships in your life, then I invite you to join my Find YOUR People Online Course.

Find YOUR People - Online Course

This self-guided online course is designed to help you create deep, meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

Jan Keck

Jan Keck

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