❌ Say Goodbye to tired, old Ice Breakers

✅ Say Hello to fresh and original Ice “Melters” that engage everyone (even introverts)

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The foundational idea of using ICE BREAKERS is great, but they can often backfire!

Facilitating a fun activity at the start of a session (you might also know them as “warm ups”, “get-to-know-you games” or “connection activities”) that gets everyone to loosened up and makes the rest of the meeting or event run smoother is a great idea. It can break down barriers, create psychological safety and increase collaboration.

But as soon as you mention “Let’s start with a fun icebreaker”

  • Everyone cringes and thinks “Let’s just get it over with!”
  • Participants often feel rushed and it’s very uncomfortable for introverts
  • Instead of engaging participants, they turn their cameras off

I mean, the act of “breaking” the ice is jarring and and it often makes a lot of participants uncomfortable.

Imagine what would be possible if, instead of “breaking” the ice
we take the more careful approach and “melt” the ice instead?

Engage everyone (even introverts)

Build trust and connections quickly

Turn strangers into friends


Join the hundreds of facilitators, trainers and experience designers that skip BREAKING the ice and instead build a campfire that helps warm up participants, builds trust and leads to deep connections.

When you sign up below, I will share my best Ice Melter Activities, that you can easily copy and use in the first 10 minutes of your next virtual team meeting, membership social or cohort kickoff session.

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