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After 10 years living in Toronto, I’ve committed to climbing the CN Tower this April to support WWF-Canada AGAIN!

I’ve analyzed a lot of my opponents and their climbing techniques, so I can be confident to beat my previous time and climb the 1,776 steps in under 15 minutes.

Ok, but seriously…

After moving to Canada in 2008 I decided to climb the CN Tower with some new friends I made and my time was just under 15 minutes. I remember running out of steam several times, having to take a break to catch my breath, plus I totally was not prepared for counting flights, I was counting steps, so my head hurt from all that math and I got completely ost where I was – how close I was to the top…

Now it’s time to beat that time 10 years later!

While I am doing my part, I am counting on you to help me reach my fundraising goal. The funds I raise with the help of your generous support will make a huge difference for WWF’s efforts to safeguard the habitats of hundreds of species and make ground-breaking progress towards habitat sustainability.

Please help me achieve my fundraising goal and make a donation today.


Jan Keck

Jan Keck

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