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Can you spot the difference?

If you want your work-from-home setup to look more professional without having to invest in a fancy, expensive camera or software, you can use this kinda cool “trick”:

Zoom Update:

You can now also blur your background in Zoom with a new Virtual Background Filter. Although that is more for hiding what’s going on behind you, than just making your video look more professional, you can watch how it works here:


Online Course


What tasty treat is Jan concocting now?  ZOOM KEEPERS! (Cuz “Sometimes a Zoom meeting can turn into a human zoo.” Clever, eh?!)

In this self-guided online course, Jan will go over ALL of Zoom’s features, to help you host even more effective and engaging meetings, workshops and events.

Jan Keck

Jan Keck

Trainer | Facilitator | Experience Designer · Turning Meetings into Inclusive, Engaging and Memorable Experiences 🙌