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This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with TEDxToronto to create a new delegate experience.

TEDxToronto is Canada’s largest TEDx event and welcomed 1,200 delegates to this year’s conference under the theme “Rise”.

After having attended the conference 4x times myself, I knew exactly what was missing from the event: People don’t attend a TEDx event because they want to hear the speakers (that’s what YouTube is for).

But if you’re watching someone share an important idea while eating lunch at your desk, there is no one you can discuss this with.

The main reason people come to the event, is to meet other delegates and continue the conversations that were sparked by the talks.

So we created two different community activations to inspire these meaningful conversations.


The best connections sometimes happen while waiting in a lineup.

So by placing our conversation stations nearby, they will invite delegates to spark meaningful conversations with their neighbours related to the topics of this year’s talks.

This is not what I expected from attending a TEDx event, but definitely was my favourite part. I didn't want to leave!

TEDx Toronto Delegate


These signs where a great start, but the most impactful for the delegates was the Campfire Lounge where we set up three campfires to take the attendees out of the “conference” environment and transport them into nature through the visuals, the sounds and smells which was the perfect catalyst for sharing personal stories.

The delegates got an opportunity to remove their masks, have real talk and make new and meaningful connections by using the ASK DEEP QUESTIONS cards. It’s a phone-free and small talk-free space for anyone looking for a chance to feel seen and heard around several LED campfires.


If you are running events, organizing conferences, leading retreats and want to create a space for deep and meaningful connections, then let’s chat.

I would love to support you in your mission.

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Jan Keck

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