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If you’re a facilitator, trainer, or facilitator, you need to level up your skills on how to create engaging virtual experiences.

Here is the main tool that I have been leveraging A LOT in the last year:

I feel super honoured that Ecamm featured my video on their YouTube channel recently #ecammfam

Ecamm Live is a Game Changer for Virtual Facilitators

The very first reason why I downloaded Ecamm was simply because I wanted to have a very high-quality image when using my webcam on professional Zoom meetings. I have over 10 years of video production experience and had all my DSLR gear, but struggled finding a adapter thta works reliably.

Then I downloaded Ecamm Live and boom, it worked flawlessly.

After that I discovered all the other things I could add to my calls and workshops to help make it more engaging, like setting timers on the fly and adding sound effects easily. Now, I am working on creating custom animations and overlays to add to my storytelling and fun, interactive games on Zoom every single day.

Ecamm Live is one of the handful of apps that I use most often these days.

This is using my affiliate link where I make a small commission if you purchase Ecamm after the trial.

These are the 4 Ecamm Features I use the most


Virtual Cam

One of my favourite features: Being able to connect my DSLR as a virtual webcam in Zoom. I use this every single day and get a ton of compliments for how “crisp” my image looks several times a week. It really makes me stand out from the crowd and adds a professional look.

Share Screen

I run a lot of workshops and trainings where I share my slides or my screen and being able to customize how that looks like has been a game-changer. It helps me stand out from my competition and allows me to create an aesthetic and workflow that allows me to focus on my participants and the content – without having to worry. I often use an iPad connected as camera source where I run my Keynote presentation and my DSLR for the Picture-in-Picture.

Animated Overlays and Sound Effects

I started building a rang of overlays for my recent TEDx talk and then started adding more and more. I have a set of custom game show effects and sounds and other ones that I use in my workshops to keep participants engaged and add some humour.


This is a must have for anyone who facilitates workshops. Quickly being able to put up a timer on my screen for journaling activities, trivia games or simply to keep participant's sharing time equal, is a powerful feature I couldn't live without anymore.



“Wow!” your audience by adding these Animations to your Zoom Calls, LIVE streams, recorded videos, and Presentations.

What’s included:

✅ Correct Ding, ❌ Wrong Buzzer, ? Applause, ? Applause Sign, ? High Five, ? Megaphone, ? Party Face, ? Party Poppers, ? Drumroll, ? Trophy, ? Confetti

Download My Animated Overlays
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