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Everyone told me I was crazy to do this…

“Why would you publish a list of competitors of connection cards when you are trying to sell your own?”

The truth is, that I am not selling cards because I want to get rich. I created ASK DEEP QUESTIONS out of a need for myself, so I could get beyond small talk and have more meaningful conversations with my friends.

And after creating the first deck for a camping trip, everyone wanted to buy one, so I put on my entrepreneur’s hat and started creating – and haven’t stopped.

The first time I came across a “competitor” I was quite upset that someone else had already created cards with meaningful questions. I saw them as my competition and would have never reached out to them and ask to collaborate…

But then I remembered my mission: I want to help people feel less alone.

And if more people create tools and experiences that help us be less alone (including my competitor’s conversation starter cards), then I will accomplish this mission much faster.

So I decided that today I want to share all the amazing people and products that I have found so far. 

If you know of any others, please comment below this post. I will update the content myself whenever I come across a new cool product, so you can either support all of them or choose the one that speaks to you the most.


Relationships Travel at the Speed of Vulnerability

The Original Deck of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS includes thoughtful questions that go below the surface to create meaningful connections.

What’s unique:
There are 3 levels of depth that invite vulnerability (curious, brave and vulnerable).


A Collection of Questions for Deeper Discussions

The Icebreaker Deck will help you start stimulating and relationship-building conversations with brilliant, fun and engaging cards that breakdown communication barriers to cultivate connections, openness and vulnerability.


Skip Small Talk, Make Meaningful Connections

The Big Talk Question Card Game helps facilitate in-depth conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. Each question in the deck is universal (any human being could answer it), open-ended (elicits more than just a yes/no response), and meaningful (skips the small talk and draws forth a life story).

  • Created by: Kalina Silverman (Big Talk)
  • How many Cards: 88
  • Website:


Play Powerfully

The Cards for Connection deck is the perfect way to deepen friendships and conversation. Cards for Connection makes it easy to bring people together with thoughtful prompts Small package, easy to carry with you and create meaningful moments, anywhere.


A Card Game to Create More Meaningful Conversations

Connection Cards combines the simple tools of asking questions, listening and responding to discover more about those around you. There are no right or wrong answers. This is a chance to journey within the hearts and minds of others and within yourself.

  • Created by: Brian Tohana, Julia Thayer and Steve Turly
  • How many Cards: 100 (25 empathy cards, 40 light questions, 35 deep questions)
  • Website:


A Deck of Questions for Meaningful Conversations and Reflection


Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience.

  • Created by: Dave and Mike Radparvar, Fabian Pfortmüller
  • How many Cards: 100+
  • Website:


Conversation Starters for Great Relationships


Our Moments is a series of thought provoking games developed by people just like you, for you and your loved ones. We help couples, parents, children and families to communicate better and improve their relationships, one conversation at a time. In this age of technology we have discovered that “family time” is often not a daily event for very many families and that the art of conversation is being replaced with emojis.


A Toolkit For Conversation

The Cards for Connection deck is the perfect way to deepen friendships and conversation. Cards for Connection makes it easy to bring people together with thoughtful prompts Small package, easy to carry with you and create meaningful moments, anywhere.


A Collection of Questions for Deeper Discussions

Many people crave great conversation, but few know how to start one. A good question can be the tiny spark that ignites a forest fire of thoughts, ideas, and personal revelation. This deck has fifty-two of them designed to foster deeper or more entertaining discussions than if you’d simply asked “how are you”, “how was work”, or “did you see that thing on the news?” These aren’t just ice breakers. They’re catalysts for connection. Take turns, take your time, and see where one card can take you.


A Collection of Questions for Deeper Discussions


TABLETOPICS Questions to Start Great Conversations are the award-winning conversation starter sets that help millions of people spark fun and meaningful discussions with their family and friends around the dinner table, at parties, on road trips – wherever!

What started as a personal passion for great conversation has blossomed into America’s most popular conversation game with over 35 products sold in specialty stores throughout the U.S., Canada and the world.


Questions to inspire Meaningful Connection


The Connect Deck is a collective of questions that are designed to cultivate meaningful connection. Use these cards to incerase interaction, build community and enhance engagement at your next workshop, retreat or training.


Less small talk, more genuine conversations


Vertellis is the ultimate card game for more togetherness during the holidays.

Experience genuine connection and time offline during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! With questions that spark meaningful memories and stories, you’ll get to know those closest to you in a new (deeper) way. Together, you reflect on the past year and share your dreams and plans for the coming year. Get to know your family, friends, or colleagues even better!

  • Created by: Bart, Liz, Lars and Willem
  • How many Cards: 46 + 2 blank cards
  • Expansion Decks: Holiday Edition, Family Edition, Relationship Edition, Kids Edition
  • Website:


Invite the Magic of Connection

Vulnerability is Sexy deepens trust, forms unbreakable bonds, and invites the magic of connection into personal and professional relationships. With three levels of game questions, players meet the game where they choose: break the ice, get vulnerable, or laugh a little. The core value cards, combined with rules against cross talk, and play action that is randomly determined by the game, all support a level of listening to one another that we don’t frequently feel in life. Risk sharing who you are with those you care about and/or work with. Listen as they do the same. See yourselves through one another’s stories. Grow together.


A Collection of Questions for Deeper Discussions


A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and build trust and connection. It provides a fast-paced, fun way to move beyond “ice breaking” to real connections; Offers a suite of activities to cross-pollinate different departments across your company; Arms employees and management with a set of questions to break down communication barriers and management hierarchies; Gives employees permission to have fun and be excited about work.

  • Created by: Chad Littlefield
  • How many Cards: 60
  • Website:


Learn how to skip the smalltalk and get to the deep and meaningful conversations at the next eent you attend.

So, which one are you gonna get? All of them??!

I am so proud to see all these tools pop up that help us get closer and build stronger connections with each other. To me, it doesn’t matter which product you buy – just make sure that once you make a purchase you promise to use it instead of it covering dust on your shelf ??

Jan Keck

Jan Keck

Trainer | Facilitator | Experience Designer · Turning Meetings into Inclusive, Engaging and Memorable Experiences 🙌

One Comment

  • Kay Ross says:

    Hello Jan – thank you for your generosity in compiling and sharing that list!
    I’m Kay Ross, an Australian living in Hong Kong. I’d like to tell you about a deck of cards I’ve created called “The Playground of Possibilities”. It has 52 questions for people to ask themselves – all starting with “What would be possible for me if I…?”. The aim is to prompt them to let go of their old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about themselves and the world, choose more useful ones, take inspired action, and improvise more resourceful, joyful ways of being. People can use the deck by themselves, or with a group of friends (and even strangers). And coaches, healers and therapists use it with their clients. See