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Recently a friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and I asked myself:

“What would I regret not having asked your mom if your she passed away today?”

I feel I would regret not having had enough meaningful conversations and listening to her sharing stories about her life and mine growing up. There is so much I don’t know about her, so much I don’t know about my family.

Last year I pulled out my Ask Deep Questions cards while I was travelling with my parents in Colombia and after getting through the initial awkwardness we shared exciting and vulnerable stories other that even my parents have never shared with each other.

Since then I’ve put together more Deep Questions to ask your parents and as mother’s day is coming up, I decided to create a printable PDF with 12 Deep Questions to ask your Mom.

I’ve designed the questions in a way that will help you guide the conversation by asking “curious” questions first to make everyone feel more comfortable around the table, and then there are “brave” and “vulnerable” questions as you journey deeper in your conversation.


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I highly recommend giving your mom the opportunity to also ask you questions that she might have always wanted to ask you. If you want some example questions to get you started, check out the digital download I just added of the Original Ask Deep Questions deck or order a physical deck, which allows you to get off your phone and be 100% present with your family.

? Continue the conversation and get your own printable PDF of THE FAMILY DECK


Get a digital download of the brand new “Family Deck” of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS with 48 thoughtful questions that go below the surface and allow you to make meaningful connections with your family.

Start with curious questions to ease into the conversations in a fun way and then go deeper with brave and vulnerable questions to hear stories you might not have ever heard before.

Jan Keck

Jan Keck

Trainer | Facilitator | Experience Designer · Turning Meetings into Inclusive, Engaging and Memorable Experiences 🙌