Create an introvert-friendly space for deep conversations around my LED Campfires for your next event.

Often event organizers are so focused on getting top speakers that sell tickets and get “bums in seats”, that they forget to invest in the most important thing: The connections that could be created for the attendees.

In today’s world, you have to stand out and create memorable experiences if you want your attendees to come back and that won’t happen when you invest only in content and forget about connection.

At the Campfire Conversations Lounge, your attendees will get an opportunity to skip the small talk and make new and meaningful connections by using my Ask Deep Questions Conversation Starter cards.

It’s a phone-free and work-talk-free space where strangers become friends by telling stories around a campfire. There is no start time, simply sit down, pick a question card, turn to your neighbour and start connecting.

A special experience!
I am so grateful we had a chance to partner together on creating an awesome delegate experience!

Kapil KhimdasTEDxToronto Organizer

I met some really great people!
This installation created such a warm, calm environment amidst the fast pace of the inspiring day.

AlvinTEDxToronto Delegate

Thank you for creating an introvert friendly space!
This is not what I expected from attending a TEDx event, but definitely was my favourite part!

AnnaTEDxToronto Delegate


Jan is the creator of the ASK DEEP QUESTIONS “Connection Cards”, which started as a deck of cards to help his friends connect on a camping trip and are now being used to facilitate over 70,000 meaningful conversations through sharing personal stories on every continent around the globe.

Each deck of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS includes 48 thoughtful questions that go below the surface to create meaningful connections.

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fuelling the movement for deeper human connection.

Now he is bringing his facilitation trainings and tools to organizations everywhere, so leaders can create a culture of authenticity, trust and belonging at work and he is building a community of facilitators that reimagine the MAGIC of in-person events online.

Learn More About the Connection Cards

These are the conversations I would love to have with anyone, but sometimes don't feel comfortable to ask.
The cards are a safe starting point to get beyond small talk.


The cards are social lubricant to deeper connection.
The box itself is a conversation started and with the game format it gives people permission to go deep.


Not only did I begin to learn how to have more meaningful conversations with people, but I also learned a lot about myself.



Attendees won’t pay big bucks if they could learn the content on YouTube without even leaving home.

Yet I know that running a conference comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, so let me and my team take this important task off your shoulders, so you can focus on creating an amazing program.

Let us create a safe space for your attendees to escape the hustle and bustle of the main conference where they can connect with each other and help them build deeper relationships.

In turn, this will increase your attendee retention rate and help you stand out by creating a memorable (and instagrammable) experience.


1-3x LED Campfires in different sizes (power required)
Up to 150 Ask Deep Questions Cards (or more)
Up to 9 self-explanatory instruction cards
Sticks and Marshmallows (optional)


We will hand-deliver the LED campfires and Connection Cards to your venue in Central Europe. Our base is in Heilbronn, Germany and for any trip that is further than 50km we will charge a travel fee.

The pricing below is for an event between 3 – 10 hours.

👉 For longer events or custom pricing, please get in touch.

Small Events (up to 50 attendees)
Medium Events (up to 500 attendees)
Large Events (500 - 2,500 attendees)



What Requirements do you have for the Event Space?


  • A large space (ideally away from the main event stage and quiet)
  • Power supply for the LED campfires
  • A darker area so the light of the campfire stands out
  • Volunteers to direct attendees towards the lounge (recommended)

Is there a minimum time commitment to get the Campfire Conversations Lounge set up?

Your event should be a minimum of 3 hours long to leave enough time for attendees to explore the activation and get to know each other.

Do you offer facilitated Networking Sessions or Workshops?

We love facilitating conversations and connections as early as possible at a conference because that is when most people feel awkward and don’t know how to start connecting with each other.

Hire us to facilitate interactive sessions that get everyone’s energy up and connect with the people around them. This could be from as little as 15 minutes at the beginning of your event, as a break-out session in between heavier content or right before a break where attendees can continue to connect.

Learn more about facilitated networking here