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Do you remember the last time you threw yourself a birthday party?

  • First, you spend hours cleaning up your place for when your guest arrive…. And then you’ll have to do that again as soon as they’re gone.
  • Every time you’re in a great conversation, the doorbell rings or someone needs directions to find your place… you’ll never be able to get back to that conversation.
  • And by the end, everybody thanks you for a great party, but you stay behind… exhausted, with a mess to clean up AGAIN … and you didn’t have any meaningful conversations with your friends.

Isn’t it weird that we have to do all the work when it’s OUR birthday??!

Don’t get me wrong: I love hosting parties and bringing my friends together, but for my birthday I decided that I prefer spending quality time with my friends and rather go for a few meaningful conversations than a bunch of surface ones.

That’s when I decided that instead of a party for my birthday I will host “birth dates”.

Birth Date [bɜːrθ deɪt] noun
A Birth Date is a 1-2 hour meeting where you and a friend will
both give each other your undivided attention and presence
for whatever activity or deep conversation they choose.

I ended up with these amazing experiences from eating ice cream under the cherry blossoms, to getting a tarot reading and even attempting to busk on the side of the street while making up our own songs.


It didn’t take long for some of my friends and birth date guests to get inspired to start their own. And from the sounds of it, they were a huge success:

TUTORIAL: How to host your own Birth Date

Everyone loved the idea and at least half of the people I told about it, said they wanna try it on their own birthday, too. So I’ve decided to make a short tutorial video about it.

If you want some amazing meaningful questions to get you started, check out the digital download I just added of the Original Ask Deep Questions deck or order a physical deck, which allows you to get off your phone and be 100% present with your friends:

  • Ask Deep Questions – Connection Cards

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Jan Keck

Jan Keck

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