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How to Cure your WDS Hangover?

Over the last 2 years I have attended several conferences, workshops and retreats that were “life changing” – places were I feel I really belong.

The problem is that when you come back you fall into this huge, dark hole – it feels like you have this energetical hangover.

In this video I share 3 of my tips on how to get out of that hole and recharge your energetical battery.


  • Chris Guillebeau for creating the World Domination Summit
  • Jedd Chang and the whole WDS staff
  • Rebecca and Polina from WDS Local Toronto for acting out a few scenes in the park
  • Jacky for helping me shoot some of the crying videos of myself
  • And mostly Tera and Wes from Armosa Studios for capturing these amazing photos and videos of the event. Find out more about them here: http://armosastudios.com/

Learn more about WDS and get your tickets here: http://www.worlddominationsummit.com

Find a WDS Local Group in your area: https://worlddominationsummit.com/local

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I empower entrepreneurs to be real so they can connect with their tribe and make an impact on people and planet.

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