Where CHICKENS are outlawed, only OUTLAWS have chickens.

Crackdown! is a short documentary hat takes a satirical look at what it means to raise chickens in your backyard – and become a criminal for doing so. Written and directed by Jan Keck.


In the wake of the 100-mile diet and the public’s increasing desire for local and organic food, Crackdown! tells the story of Toronto’s urban chicken keepers, a smart, savvy and rapidly-growing band of mavericks who just want access to fresh eggs at home for their families … “Pets with benefits,” if you will.

The film takes a satirical look at the municipal bylaws that forced this movement underground and what it means to raise chickens in your backyard, – and become a criminal for doing so.

“Local, urban food is a huge issue, with huge potential for fresh low cost healthy food to be grown in cities. But what does Toronto have against chickens? Crackdown! takes a satirical look at this issue – they have a great team with a terrific track record. I fully support this project.” ~ David Miller, former mayor of Toronto

“We have supported and advocated for urban chickens as a part of our local food system. As Torontonians work to re-own their food system, keeping chickens in backyards is a way to bring food production to a more ethical and sustainable foundation.” ~ Darcy Higgins, Food Forward


  • Director, Writer: Jan Keck
  • Producers: Jan Keck, Paris Zheng
  • Cinematographers: Jan Keck, Seon Kwon Hwang
  • Additional Camera: Josh Harrower, Christopher McEnroe
  • Steadicam Operator: Fergus Lowrey
  • Editor: Joan Navarra
  • Assistant Editor: Seon Kwon Hwang
  • Music: Kristopher Fulton
  • Sound Recording: Jane, Paris Zheng
  • Sound Design & Mix: Justin Long-Him Shum
  • Foley Artist: Alex Adams
  • Colour Grading & Title Design: Jan Keck
  • Logo Design: Lavanya Balasubramanian
  • Transcriber: Kathleen Mackey
  • Fundraising Writer: Julia Morgan
  • Production Assistant: Yuya Saito
  • Cast: Bryan Paccagnella, Troy Matthew Martin, Cara Stephenson (Plum Thunder)


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